Thursday, 31 December 2009

Inspiration for the start of a brand new year

Deep peace of the running wave to you,
Deep peace of the flowing air to you,
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you,
Deep peace of the shining stars to you,
Deep peace of the shades of night to you,
Moon and stars always giving light to you,
Deep peace of Christ, the Son of Peace, to you.

Celtic Prayer

To all my blogging friends and visitors, I wish you peace in 2010 and beyond.


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Inspirations to take us up to New Year

' For hope grew round me, like the twining vine'


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Inspiration as we head to the New Year

Dear God,
Be good to me:
the sea is so large,
and my boat so small.
Breton Fisherman's Poem

Sunday, 27 December 2009

New Year coming into focus

We went off to Peebles Hydro Hotel for Christmas a day early. We were supposed to leave on Christmas Eve but the snow was so bad and the forecast even worse, that we thought we would make a run for it. I am glad we did even though it was a bit of a rush at the end. The snow was even worse there than it was here, and on Christmas Eve it snowed up there quite a lot. What a relief to get into the hotel, unpack and sink our teeth into the best mince pies ever ( and I mean that- fabulous!).
We stayed til today, the 27th. We ate, drank and were exceedingly merry. We all had a great time ( my mum, teenager, other half and I were all there) and a good rest. It has been such a challenging year, and it was good to chill out and take stock. It all went really well. The rooms were lovely, we had lovely views, the food was delightful, the staff cheery, and the company very good. We made some nice new friends, a family with three boys who teenager got to know, and hung around with ( in the pool, table tennis, pool room etc). All in all, it was great.
And it made me start looking forward to 2010. I feel like making some plans. I feel my energy renewed and my resolve returning.
Looking forward to hearing about all your New Year resolutions, and I will share some of mine this week.
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Monday, 21 December 2009

A family weekend to celebrate the festive season

Lad and Dad
Teenager and his cousin

Me and my lovely niece

Teenager and two of his cousins. Proudly wearing his Newcastle United top.

Hope you enjoy these photos taken at our weekend trip to see other half's family in Ashington, Northumberland.

We had a great time- it went so quickly, but all the presents are distributed.
We are now back in the freezing snow laden Cumbria...........wrapping presents and doing last minute festive jobs.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I think we are making some progress on the festive front. Tree is now up and a few more presents are bought, and some even wrapped. Cards are still not done but I am not intending to send too many. No point getting stressed about that....
I can't believe how quickly December has gone... it is evaporating!
I am feeling a little more festive. Still lots to do and progress to be made on many fronts but I think things are heading in the right direction, and I am looking forward to the Christmas break.
We are seeing family in the North East this weekend and going to see the mighty Newcastle United play Middlesborough at St James on Saturday. It will be freezing- snow forecast. Thermals will be needed!!

Hope your holiday preparations are going well and I wish all of you a very happy time.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas? Really?

My three kings - aren't they brilliant?

Advent candles from our Church- St Mary's Church Windermere.

You just wouldn't think it was the festive season in this house. My Christmas plans have ground to a halt. Nothing done yet. Well- very little. A few mince pies in the cupboard.

Tomorrow, finally. we will get our tree and we will decorate it. A lovely family evening is planned. This time tomorrow night it I will be admiring my fairy lights.

It's the school carol service tomorrow afternoon. I go to lunch with my pals first at Pizza Express. It is always very atmospheric, and it means teenager starts his holidays.

Christmas shopping progress will be made on Saturday, my aunt and uncle are coming on Sunday for a festive dinner and presents exchange. It will be very jolly.
And best of all, we are going away to Scotland for Christmas itself. We arrive on Christmas eve and leave on December 27th. Mum, other half, teenager and I. A lovely big Scottish hotel in the Borders. Big log fires, comfy lounge, fabulous views, a pool, gym and snooker for teenager, and being waited on hand and foot. Heaven. I just can't wait. All I will have to think about is what to wear, what to eat at dinner, and what to wear.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho and the Snow Ball

Hi folks
Long time no blog ( again). Here is a picture of teenager just before he went to the Christmas Snow Ball at school tonight. An annual tradition and much loved. He is back now with his pal, and they had a great time. Doesn't he look great?
They have one week left at school- Christmas lunch, Carol Service, and lots of fun before the holidays start on Friday.
Meanwhile we are struggling with a plague of problems. My mum is living in self catering accomodation because her flat is flooded. It is very disconcerting for all of us. She is coping brilliantly as ever, but I know it's very stressful. Especially at this time of year. Carpets ripped up and no bathroom. Uncertainty with the insurance. Let's hope to make some progress this week.
I usually have my tree up by now but there is no chance until next weekend.
Work is busy and we are running a training course for four days this week. I have been cleaning the office and preparing a few decorations. We have water damage in both the office and our new training room which is very behind schedule because of this. We are trying to get carpets done and electrics finished, but we need the builders to sort out the leakages. Sigh.
Tomorrow I am going to have coffee and lunch with my girlfriends. I don't have the time to be honest but I am looking forward to the laugh I must admit, and it will be the start of Christmas.
Ho Ho Ho

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Insurance Companies

My mum's bathroom is no longer. It is a shell. A serious leak developed on Saturday and finally it has been identified as a leaking pipe under the bath. The damage is very serious. The bathroom is now gutted. She has insurance of course, but predictably the insurance company is already starting to play hard ball. Such as ' ....well just because she has no running water, no toilet, no bathroom facilities.... doesn't mean the place is uninhabitable does it?'.
I ask you. Not to mention the fact that the hall is ripped up and soaking?
The builders have said all the fittings are damaged and can't be replaced. The insurance company are saying they want proof.
Looks like its going to be a long week folks. I'll keep you posted.
I have had much unpleasant experience with insurance companies. I have an extremely low opinion of them. Nothing that has happened today has improved it thus far.
I don't want anything special. Just fairness. Just what has been paid for. Courtesy and helpfulness would be great ( but unlikely).
I feel so sorry for anyone who has been badly flooded and who is dealing with them now.
If anyone out there in the UK has a recommendation of a good insurer please let me know.