Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Operation...

Its finished!

At 9:45pm the surgeons called and told me that the operation was finsihed. The surgeons were happy that they had been successful and believe that they have been able to remove all the tumour. Plenty of tissue samples have been taken and sent for analysis to confirm everything has been taken out. This is a result beyond our wildest dreams. Jo did extremely well during the op, I'm sure proud of her!

In all the operation took about 13 hours and Jo will be recovering for a long time. Knowing Jo as I do I urge you all to keep an eye out for new posts from Jo by Saturday or Sunday.

Finally, as a person who is known to you all as 'other half' can I express my sincerest thanks to all of you for the constant support you have given Jo. As a community you are all important to Jo and I know Jo draws a huge amount of strength from you all. Jo and I talk a lot about all of you and the connection Jo has with you is hugely significant to her. You are her 'public' and extremely important to her and therefore important to me - please keep the connection and the support going.

Other Half

The Operation

An update on Jo's operation.

As of 5:45pm this evening the operation going very well with no complications. The surgeons have removed lots of tissue and lymph nodes for anlysis and all samples have come back negative, indicating no spread of the disease. A good result!

Jo is stable and her condition is good.

The team of surgeons have been working slowly and steadily in the pelvic wall area remving the tumour millimetre by millimetre. This is the area with the greatest risk, lots of blood vessels and nerves. So far so good.

The surgeon I spoke to said they expect to be working for atleast another 5 hours, so expect to see another post later.

Can I ask everyone to maintain their strong positive focus for Jo throughout the night. Your thoughts and prayers will all be received by Jo and your strength and energy will be used by Jo in her quest to overcome this.

Teenager, mum and other half are doing well, just having a quite day.

I will post again later with more news.

Jo's Other Half

Monday, 27 September 2010

Where to start?

Where to start? Last time I posted I was under the weather with an infection. A lot of rapidly moving water has been under the bridge since. My lovely friend Bobbie turned up for a visit ( from the US) but after one day of her arrival it was clear that I was skating on thin ice as regards a possible hospital admission. Since I was due in hospital in London for more tests and scans the following week my GP suggested that a local hospital admission would 'put a spanner in the works'. Too stressful to contemplate. So I left my friend holding the fort with mum and teen,and other half and I came to London. This meant if I needed admission I could go straight to the Royal Marsden. Luckily I avoided admission and the tests and consultations proceeded as planned.
Bobbie, abandoned by me in the North, had a lovely time with teenager (her Godson) and my mum. Luckily she has since followed me down to London so I get to see her after all!
On Thursday I finally got the decision about the operation. It would take an age to explain why but the answer was No. Total devastation. I have never felt so wretched and low. However, remarkably and through the power of prayer and patience, on Friday the decision was reversed. Joy.Sheer joy.
On Wednesday the operation will go ahead. It will take 12-14 hours. It is very risky. They may not get all the cancer out. I will have quite a bit removed partially or totally. I will be in hospital a long time. Recovery will be slow. There are absolutely no promises. But I have been given a chance. That is all I have ever wanted. A chance. To see my boy get to eighteen. That is what I am focussed on. If I don't make it at least we gave it a go. Took the bull by the horns. I gave it my best shot. I have looked the cancer in the eye without fear. I will take my chances. I am at peace knowing I have done everything I can. Now I trust in God and what will be, will be.
Pray for me on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The good news and the bad news

Take one look at the picture. It gives it all away. On Saturday I came down with an infection. It could be one of many things but I have spent the week so far either shaking with cold, fainting with heat, fast asleep or taking some tablet or another. It is now official I rattle when I walk. Mum as ever has been completely steadfast. Sitting with me, bringing me coffees from Costas ( my passion is going out for a coffee often with mum, so she has collecting one for us instead), trying to improve my increasingly grizzly mood. Other half has been insisting that I eat ( it is not a good sign when I don't fancy eating- I am such a bon viveur), bringing me a continuous supply of ribena ( which I crave) and generally calming me down.
I need to make progress. I need to get better for London next week. I get my decision a week on Thursday. Will they or won't they operate? I will find out on that Thursday. So it is tough at the moment- no point dressing it up.
But I am so blessed to have a lovely family to support me, and friends who shower me with cakes and flowers and cheery texts.
And the good news- my pride and joy passed his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, and continues to be my inspiration and strength.

Friday, 10 September 2010

It's been a while.............

A year ago teenager did his practise Duke of Edinburgh bronze award. A year later it is finally the real thing. And much has happened since then.
Thanks for all the good wishes while I was in hospital recently. It has been a whirlwind. I ended up in hospital for two weeks including a transfer my ambulance from Barrow to London. 300 miles, and actually it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was looked after very well by two lovely ambulancemen: Trevor and Alan.
I had two operations under general anaesthetic within a week. One to find out the source of the bleeding, and one which was a scheduled exploratory at the Royal Marsden as part of the ongoing tests to see if I can have what I now call ' the big op'.
While in London I also had a PET scan which is the final piece of the jigsaw. I haven't had the results yet. I get these on 23rd September, the day I find out whether the hospital is in a position to do the 'big op'. It is stressful waiting but it seems to be the way it is... forever waiting for some test or result. The life of a cancer patient.
When I got out of hospital in London, and waited for the scan., I stayed with my lovely friend L who has been my dearest pal since we were at school. We met when we were eleven- quite a few years ago............ As comfortable as a pair of slippers our relationship. As soon as enter her home I feel relaxed and comfortable, and she is a lovely hostess. Perfect for relaxation and recuperation. Aren't I so blessed to have such a dear friend in London so near the hospital? It is such a relief.
And now I am home. Three weeks later I am back. It is lovely to be home with my boys and my mum, and in such a lovely inspirational place. I plan to rest and build my strength for the next part of the adventure.