Sunday, 6 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho and the Snow Ball

Hi folks
Long time no blog ( again). Here is a picture of teenager just before he went to the Christmas Snow Ball at school tonight. An annual tradition and much loved. He is back now with his pal, and they had a great time. Doesn't he look great?
They have one week left at school- Christmas lunch, Carol Service, and lots of fun before the holidays start on Friday.
Meanwhile we are struggling with a plague of problems. My mum is living in self catering accomodation because her flat is flooded. It is very disconcerting for all of us. She is coping brilliantly as ever, but I know it's very stressful. Especially at this time of year. Carpets ripped up and no bathroom. Uncertainty with the insurance. Let's hope to make some progress this week.
I usually have my tree up by now but there is no chance until next weekend.
Work is busy and we are running a training course for four days this week. I have been cleaning the office and preparing a few decorations. We have water damage in both the office and our new training room which is very behind schedule because of this. We are trying to get carpets done and electrics finished, but we need the builders to sort out the leakages. Sigh.
Tomorrow I am going to have coffee and lunch with my girlfriends. I don't have the time to be honest but I am looking forward to the laugh I must admit, and it will be the start of Christmas.
Ho Ho Ho


Anonymous said...

Glad you're making time for laughs despite the stress. Hilarious that there's a dance called the Snow Ball!

karen gerstenberger said...

So sorry about the troubles due to's hard when your home base is disrupted, I know...and when your work-base is disrupted on top of that, eeeks!
Teenager looks very handsome in his suit. I hope he had a wonderful time at the dance, and that the last week of school is fun for him!