Saturday, 28 November 2009

One week on...

Where does the time go? I have been tuning in to read a few blogs but haven't got round to posting myself.
Started the Christmas shopping today by buying some wrapping paper at M and S. Wow- I can tell you are impressed!
We sussed out a PSP Go at Game for the teen. He can't decide on this or money. Sigh. It's all gadgets these days, up market smellies and clothes.
I also bought some thermal socks. The sight of the snow on the Lakeland Hills and the frozen car this morning, made me realise its time to wrap up.
Cumbria is still staggering out of the flood crisis. The enormity and impact of what has happened here, and especially in Cockermouth, is just starting to become apparent. And it is totally shocking. Every day we hear a shocking story about a life which has been ripped apart. Please pray for the people of Cumbria who have been so badly affected.
We have another busy week ahead. Mum is holding the fort while other half and I go South to create new chances for work in the New Year. Its really tough out there but we are staying focussed.
Hope you are all well and happy out there!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Other half and I

Other half and I went to an awards ceremony on Friday night. It was at the lovely Netherwood Hotel in Grange Over Sands. We were celebrating successful businesswomen in the North West, and particularly the Lake District. The awards were run by LBN ( Lakeland Business Women's Network) and were really well organised. The theme was black and white. I really enjoyed my first real night out for quite a while.

The week the rain came down

This is Bowness on Windermere harbour. As you can see there has been extensive flooding.

I am sure a few of you who are looking at these pictures have got a boat from Bowness harbour. Bowness on Windermere is the English Lakes most visited place, and the boats are the most popular tourist attraction we have.

The swans are having a great time. They are very vain and currently have lots of visitors and people feeding them chips!

This ugly monstrosity of a building is currently shut because of the floods. The views are amazing from here but the architecture is appalling. Apparently it won an award in the seventies. Do I believe this???

This is the view from outside the tourist information centre. Now closed

Apparently the lake hasn't been this high for fifty years plus.

It is going to take a long time to clear up, and this is just the start of the winter.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who has been flooded in their home or business. It must be devastating.
A policeman died when he was swept to his death when a bridge collapsed in Cockermouth. Very sad. Everyone in Cumbria mourns for his family. Thursday was a very bleak day.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Getting silly now...

Remember my Noah post earlier in the week? Things have not improved ladies and gentlemen. Check out the link - news from our local paper the Westmorland Gazette. We dropped our lovely Aussie off at Manchester airport today. The weather conditions on the way there were atrocious. Once we got there I started to get texts to say 'come home- all the roads are closing'. We did manage to get back but it was a bit touch and go. The road conditions are atrocious. Fields completely flooded and looking like huge lakes, road covered in water, the lake creeping over the road, rivers bursting their banks. I feel so terribly sorry for those with flooded homes and businesses. Happily our house is on a little hill which keeps us out of trouble. The office though maybe in more trouble. We are on the first floor which is good, but as the building is right next to the river which has burst its banks, we think we might find trouble tomorrow.
So it has been an unsettling day. Lovely Aussie has gone home. Floods here and no sign of dry weather. My lovely friend Maria awaiting a very big operation tomorrow in Scotland. Please pray for her folks. I would really appreciate it.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Ok-this is an unashamed 'Brit about to talk about the weather' post. I just need to have a rant and rave about how damned awful it is. It is lashing down with rain and we have a severe weather and flood warning for the North West of England. I really have had enough.
We have had wild winds, a couple of unbelievable hail storms, rain rain rain, dark skies, freezing cold.... and the occasional five minute burst of sunshine -enough to tempt poor walkers and shoppers outside just long enough before getting soaked to the skin by a sudden squall.
Our wonderful Aussie exchange student is going home on Thursday. We are all very sad about it. We are all begging to come back with him. Apparently it is very hot in Oz. Sigh.
Special request to Busy Bee Suz. Please send us some sunshine over asap. Thanks

Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Phoenix From the Ashes!

Well, I feel so much better! I have slept, lazed and generally chilled out (with mum looking after me in splendid fashion) and now I feel great. Other than coughing, sneezing and laughing which still hurts I am very much on the mend. Keyhole surgery is brilliant! I am so glad the surgeon was able to do it.
The ward I was on was impossibly disorganised. In fact, it would have been very funny if it hadn't been quite serious. Hospital does certainly bring out a certain sense of humour and camaraderie develops between patients which is second to none. Old or young, rich or poor, everyone sticks together and looks after each other.
It was when the sister in charge turned up to tell me my son would be turning up in ten minutes to collect me that I finally realised she had lost the plot. I started to point out that wouldn't be possible. She started to argue saying she has spoken to him on the phone for ten minutes. I then pointed out that he is fourteen and would be at school. " WHO HAVE I BEEN TALKING TO THEN?" She shrieked. I told her I had no idea....
Turns out her conversation had been with the son of the lady in the bed opposite, who had been told that she was staying in for the rest of the week. Oops.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The gall bladder has left the building

Folks- the damn thing has gone for good. It was touch and go but I managed to get the keyhole surgery. I am out of hospital, battered but unbowed, and back on the road to recovery. Thanks for all your support. Adventures coming up in the next few posts.. but for now... sleep and recuperation.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

One day to go

As you know I love posting pictures of my lovely teenager and this one makes me smile. I think it's a great shot. He wasn't expecting me to take it and they are usually the best shots aren't they?

Below is a shot of me with teenager and his Australian exchange partner at the Holker Hall Winter Fair ( see previous post). Notice both taller than me despite my heels. Sigh.

This is my last post before hospital tomorrow. One more night before the gall bladder is history. I am very excited and most of all relieved. The last few days have been very difficult to say the least and I will be happy to free myself and the family from all the uncertainty and anxiety.
Please send bloggy vibes of positivity for me tomorrow.I am really hoping for the keyhole operation and I am focussing all my energy onto that outcome. Will post later in the week and let you know how I got on.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

A day in Hawkshead

I posted on Halloween that we had a day out at Hawkshead which is a lovely little village in the Lake District. Very popular place for tourists as the scenery is lovely, and the village is very quaint. There are loads of coffee shops, traditional pubs and gift shops. A good day was had by all. Picture of teenager, other half and our wonderful Australian exchange visitor.
If you look closely you will see teenager's sling- still suffering from his dislocation shoulder injury. No more rugby this season for him sadly.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Holker Hall Winter Fair

We went to the Holker Hall winter fair today. It is always a lovely day out. Real fires, lots of coffees cakes and hot chocolates. A food fair, lots of crafts, alpacas, a barbecue tent with lakeland local burgers and sausages. I always spend a fortune and today was no exception. My Christmas shopping has started folks.
We all went. Teen and his exchange partner, other half and mum. It was lovely. What a pity about the appalling freezing cold persistent rain. When will it ever end?
When we got back it was so cold in the house we now have a blazing real fire. It's lovely. Watching the rugby and drinking tea. A nice relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

I hate bonfire night

I have never been a big fan of fireworks. In fact, I have never liked them. It's the noise. I don't like all the cracks and bangs. They can be really pretty to look at but if I never saw one again it wouldn't bother me. I worry about how dangerous they are, and I feel sorry for all the terrified animals. All in all.... I wouldn't be sorry November 5th was cancelled-permenantly.
Teenager and pals have just come in from a bonfire at the local rugby club. They went with their mates and had a good time. At least it stopped raining and they had a dry night. Apparently it was packed out. Clearly lots of people don't feel like me.
We are going to a bonfire party on Saturday night. I like bonfires a lot. There will be fireworks too but I will go inside by the fire while they are on. I will stay in and be nervous with the dog!

Monday, 2 November 2009

The blog slacker

My very good friend the travelling typhoon (see my blog list) once coined the phrase the 'blog-slacker'. I wouldn't think that many folk who know me would call me lazy ( I might be surprised....) but I think they may call me a blog slacker recently. I haven't been posting much, and I have done even less visiting.
And I know it's good to have little breaks- but I have missed you all. Promise.
So what has been going on? I blogged a couple of posts ago about teenager's dislocated shoulder. Turns out ( when he got his check up) that he has to stay in his sling for three weeks, then have physio for six to eight weeks, then three months 'off' sport. And then perhaps ( says the doctor) he will have to give up rugby altogether.
Very disappointing for him, but he is bearing up well and we have lots of ideas about how he can keep his fitness levels up in the meantime. I love this saying:
"It's not what happens to you, it's how you react to it that matters". Epictetus
Meanwhile, the exchange visit continues to go like a dream. Our visitor is a real delight and fits in so well with us. I will be quite desolate to see him go- I bet he can't wait now to see his family and friends, and the sun!! We have tried to do a bit of sight-seeing, some bowling and eating out, some visiting of friends. It has been lively, and busy.
Work has picked up dramatically. Just in time for me to go off work for a while so I can recover from my operation. I think they call it sod's law ( is it only in the UK that we have that saying?)It comes ever nearer,and I am so glad that it is nearly here. Hurray.
I have been getting up to speed on how to use Face book, Linked In, and Twitter. It is a steep learning curve but great for the business. Very consuming but gets easier with practise.
So with catching up with my friends, working, shopping and cooking, sight seeing, hospital appointments and Church activities: all in all a busy time, but very enjoyable.
I still haven't posted some recent photos-but I will get round to it.