Wednesday, 16 February 2011

a case of mistaken identity

On Tuesday my mum and I went to a local get together. Chin wag and a cup of tea type of event. I haven't been seen out and about much so most people there haven't seen me for months, and certainly not since my operation in September 2010.

A lady remarked quietly to my mum that my sister looks very like me. My mum, puzzled, pointed out that I don't have a sister.

Are you all confused yet?

She thought I was my sister. I look so different. Lost so much weight. Short hair. Dark hair. Instead of longish blonde hair in a bob, and very chunky monkey.

People walk past me in the street and blank me in the bank.
It is very odd.

I HATE HAVING DARK HAIR. I have no problem with other people and their lovely brown or black hair. doesn't work on me. I am blonde at identity level.

As soon as my hair is strong enough to get the foils out...........I will be blonde once again. But this time I will be a skinny minny. Let's here it for the new Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham shaped Jo ( well- perhaps not).

As Arnie once said: ' I'll be back'. I just can't wait.


Maggie May said...

After chemo, my hair grew back wavy from poker straight. Everyone said how lovely it was but I have regular haircuts every couple of months and all the waves are disappearing and the unmanageable hair is coming back.
Oh well at least I have hair! I shouldn't grumble.
Hope you get yours back to normal before too long. I was told not to colour or perm mine for 10months.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

l'optimiste said...

hehehe - so funny - made me think back...I didn't wait at all to get my hair coloured! I zoomed off to Portugal with about 3 inches of hair and commanded them to do a colour, highlights, cut - the works...I figured that as it had all fallen off once, why would I worry about any 'side effects' [oh my...the wrong colour?? er - who CARES? I have hair!]

just go and have a colour woman!! what have you got to lose? ;)

karen gerstenberger said...

This is quite something - to look like the sister you don't have. I love your identity-level haircolor self-knowledge. You sound very certain, so I look forward to seeing your new 'do, when you're ready!

Bernie said...

My hair came back in a very dark brown as well, once it grew out my hairdresser said it was to fragile for streaks so I waited another year before I got them. I really understand how you feel, the dark hair didn't suit me either..:-)Hugs

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh....I hope you can get your blondness back soon Jo!!!!
Skinny and blond? Watch out world!

Expat mum said...

You need to post a new photo up!

Irritatingly Optimistic said...

I'm with you Jo. My natural hair colour is a mucky blonde now - although was much lighter until I was about 20. I tried being natural a few years back but felt very frumpy and ordinary.
We are obviously meant to be living in a sunnier climate with naturally sun-kissed blonde locks!

tmmb said...

I know what you mean about identifying as blond- I still get confused sometimes when I see my hair in the mirror in the winter (when it gets darker), going, Who is that person? Hope you and your sister are doing really well :D x