Thursday, 24 July 2008

coffee shops in the lake district

Coffee is our passion. What I mean is that we love going out for coffee in our family.It is one of our dearest pleasures and if I had the time I would write a book on where are good places to go. In the meantime I will talk about good places on my blog ( my perception of course!)

First off, the Cook House in Windermere. One of our favourites: great food at all times but especially breakfast. The evening meals are fabulous too: lovely food at a reasonable price. Run by husband and wife team Steve and Louise, quality is paramount and service gracious but unobtrusive. Our favourites are Eggs Benedict; mushrooms on toast; the english breakfast ( my son's choice) and the wonderful chocolate brownie. Ask if there is any Rocky road too- it really is to die for!

Have just been stung by a wasp. It isn't the first time by a long way. Usually I get stung on my feet. What with that and the dentist today, I will glad to get to bed!

The airshow arrives at Bowness for the weekend: a fair ground on the Glebe and lots of displays on the ground and in the air. We are very fortunate -walking distance of all the action and good views of the displays, and parking in the drive. Parking is a real problem in the summer as it is, and in the summer it's a real headache.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

West Bromwich

We are running a large scale development programme in West Bromwich in the West Midlands, and I am setting off tomorrow morning at 5.30am. It is a long time since I started a day's work so early,but I used to hammer the motorways all the time at that time in the morning, in the dim and distant past. I can't say I miss it at all but it feels ok once in a while, especially when it is light and bright ( I would never do it in the winter now- no way!). I will update myself on radio four and find out what is happening in the world. I used to promise my dad that I would never listen to 'boring old' radio four, but here I am an avid fan of the Today programme, you and yours, woman's hours and PM. I even listen to the occasional drama. Who-over would have thought it?

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Saturday and the weather is still being temperamental

The weather continues to play hide and seek here in Bowness on Windermere. My son tells me the test match (England/ South Africa) is awful, rather like the weather really. One moment it is quite warm and there are hints of sunshine, and the next it is black clouds and spitting rain. Plans and clothes are a constant challenge and have been for weeks. If anyone is here on holiday or has been in the last few weeks- sorry! I always feel sad for the soggy tourists and be-draggled kids who wonder damply around the streets on bad weather days. Only the truly brave go hiking on days like these. Maybe I can start an informal tourist information service on my blog, helping prospective visitors with a little local knowledge.

We have just been for a little walk to our favourite Bowness haunt 'Costa's coffee'. Quite a few locals ( and regular visitors) were resistant to it coming as it saw the advent of the big chains coming into to town ( Tesco now too!). However, it is a large light room with a relaxed atmosphere and I think you could stay there reading all day and no-one would bother you. I love that.

Have just put a Tesco order in and it astonishes me how much security we have to get through these days to achieve anything! I appreciate it is for our increased safety etc but I wonder if it really is keeping the bad guys out, or just the genuine customer?

I have put our website on my blog. I hope people will visit. Soon our new one is launched. and it will more interactive and up to date. I do like the current one, but we have little control over the content other than the news page. We are doing a lot of exciting things in the business now but the current website does not reflect these as strongly as the new one will.

We are doing a whole range of NLP programmes here in the fabulous English lakes ( why would anyone choose anywhere else- the most inspirational place in the world- ask Wordsworth and Ruskin) and are really excited about becoming Cumbria's number one NLP solution provider.

It is challenging getting up to date with all the technology available for communicating. Like many people of my generation ( born in the sixties) I had no formal training in IT. My husband ( the lovely Paul) is pretty switched on ( the computer obeys him and defies me) and he has taught me a lot. I have done a lot of self teaching through trial and error and constant practise, but have so much more to learn. I am enjoying doing a bit every day on this blog, and gaining confidence in all the bits and pieces I can do on it.

Better get on with my essay- only a thousand words to go and over a week to finish.Its looking good, and I feel confident about it

Friday, 18 July 2008


Did any post forty ladies ( or gentlemen even) feel as nervous as I did setting up their first blog? While fiddling around with settings and profiles I had three readers. Sorry folks, I am not in the stride yet. The idea that this blog is whizzing around the world ( I think anyway) is quite un-nerving. How do people know I am here?

into the 21st century

My good friend visiting from Chicago alerted me to the joys of blogging so here I go. It is hard to imagine anyone tuning in to hear all about my life in the English Lake District, but apparently people do enjoy reading about each other's lives so I will give it a try and see if I get any readers. I like reading 'real life' stories in magazines so I suppose it isn't that different. I will start visiting other blogs and see if I enjoy it.
I am doing an MA at Lancaster University in Religious studies so I am hoping to scan blogs for opinions and tips on complementary medicine. I am hoping to do my dissertation on it: 25,000 words!