Thursday, 24 July 2008

coffee shops in the lake district

Coffee is our passion. What I mean is that we love going out for coffee in our family.It is one of our dearest pleasures and if I had the time I would write a book on where are good places to go. In the meantime I will talk about good places on my blog ( my perception of course!)

First off, the Cook House in Windermere. One of our favourites: great food at all times but especially breakfast. The evening meals are fabulous too: lovely food at a reasonable price. Run by husband and wife team Steve and Louise, quality is paramount and service gracious but unobtrusive. Our favourites are Eggs Benedict; mushrooms on toast; the english breakfast ( my son's choice) and the wonderful chocolate brownie. Ask if there is any Rocky road too- it really is to die for!

Have just been stung by a wasp. It isn't the first time by a long way. Usually I get stung on my feet. What with that and the dentist today, I will glad to get to bed!

The airshow arrives at Bowness for the weekend: a fair ground on the Glebe and lots of displays on the ground and in the air. We are very fortunate -walking distance of all the action and good views of the displays, and parking in the drive. Parking is a real problem in the summer as it is, and in the summer it's a real headache.

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