Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lakeland Jo update

Time seems to be speeding by at the moment. I get the odd chance to read other blogs ( mainly on my blog list) but I haven't had the chance to do many entries myself.

So I thought I would give a little bit of an update on me and mine.

Work continues to be busy with some really interesting projects currently and on the horizon. This financial year is definitely quieter but we are optimistic and seem to be holding our own pretty well. We are trying hard not to get sucked into the perpetual media gloom and stay focussed on what we do well.

Teenager is in fabulous form, and is working hard on his fitness. He has two rugby camps to train for- one starts in a couple of weeks and is a five day non residential. The other one is a five day residential with the physical exercise element run by the army....mmmh. Sounds challenging.

Teenager and I are off to Disneyland Paris tomorrow with some good friends of ours: my friend A and her two lovely girls B and E. We leave tomorrow morning and stay til Sunday. Will be a riot of shows, Mickey Mouse ears, rides and swimming. I hope the sun shines ear to ear. I love Disneyland. We have been to Disneyland in Florida quite a few times ( wonderful Orlando- my spiritual home) and I love it.

My focus is settling on the football and rugby season which starts warming up in August. We have lots of championship fixtures to look forward to ( thanks to NUFC new status...) and a whole season of Newcastle Falcons rugby to enjoy with a very different team. We might even go and visit the lovely Jonny Wilkinson at his new club in Toulon- South of France- works for me!!

We have the Windermere Airshow to look forward to on the last weekend of July. Click on the link to find out more. They are expecting 40,000 visitors over that weekend which means the car will be staying in the path. The traffic and parking will be a nightmare. Luckily we are less than five minutes walk from all the festivities.

In the middle of all this I have to submit an MA essay, and probably get my gall bladder out. The latest event in my health saga is gallstones. Anyone had experience of these little dears? Very painful and not recommended. I am off to see a specialist next week to get the full SP on what happens next? Looks like another enforced rest for Lakeland Jo. It is doing wonders for the figure though folks... nearly four stone off ( and kept off ) and continuing to fall off nicely due to my new very low fat diet. I bet you were thinking ' I bet she has put it all back on and that's why she is so quiet about it....'. NO CHANCE!!


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Four stone. Brilliant! Was in Wasedale recentlt. Mindbendind. Was originally going to Windemere but too busy. Do you remember Tommy Trinder. His most remembered phrase was 'You lucky people.'

jinksy said...

I was told I had gall stones years ago, after a scan - but many people have them albeit without knowing. My Doc recommended leaving well alone, to see if they proved really troublesome, before resorting to surgery. Touch wood, that was years ago, and I've been fine ever since. Well, the gall stones have. The rest of me is not so obliging, it seems! Hope yours get sorted with minimum fuss...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sorry about the gall bladder...not a patient from this but I have seen others recover. This means you must enjoy your Disney Paris trip even more NOW!!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, Disneyland, Paris sounds pretty nice, Jo. Have a great time.

I occassionally have a gallbladder flare up, but only if I eat something really no, no, like very high fat. Hope the gall stone problem won't be too hard to handle. Let us know more.

Have fun in Paris!



Anonymous said...

My family is prone to gall stones, and I too have seen folks recover. From the sound of things the surgery is a pain but folks feel MUCH better afterward.

Enjoy Paris!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is so good Jo, I wish I could loose some weight.

No idea about gall stones, but I too have heard they are painful.

Hope you had a great time at Disney.

Gill in Canada

cinner said...

Goodluck with the gall bladder and congrats for keeping the weight off. Great job, I know it is not easy to do. Cinner

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Wow that's a LOT of weight you have lost ! Congratulations...
No problems with gall stones, just bad backs and the like.
Enjoy your trip to Paris,say "hello" to Mickey for me :)