Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ten meme- thanks to Jessica

I Love Memes. I got this one from Jess at Jessica's world. Hope you will join in.

1.] How come I can never find: my glasses when I am in the house.

2.] I wish I'd never started: overeating. Only now have I got my portions and eating under control.

3.] I wonder why: my dad had to die so young. My first question when I get to see God.

4.] Mama always told me: Think things through. It works- it took me a long time to get it, but it works. And now it helps me so much in my job. Thanks ma! When I don't do it I usually don't get the best outcome.

5.] There's this one thing in my closet that I just can't seem to get rid of: leggings. I am far too old for them, but they are so comfortable for slouching around in. Luckily I have thin legs and hips so I don't look too bad in them.

6.] My favourite guilty pleasure is: considering I can't eat fat anymore, and shouldn't eat too many non fat sugary carbs, I suppose it is coffee. And wine ( a sugary carb I know but I am not counting it). Actually- I don't feel guilty about either of them..... LOL

7.] I always forget: birthdays. I have stopped worrying about it. I remember other half, teenager and my mum. After all it's the luck of the draw.

8.] I have never: smoked.

9.] I'm obsessed with: my I Phone. I really love it.

10.] One of my favourite memories is: going for a coffee at a shop called Charlton's in Preston Grange ( now demolished) with my mum when I was young. They did great doughnuts! It was a real treat. I still LOVE going out for coffee.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Very cute!!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, I enjoyed your answers to this meme. Your mum gave you great advice, and inspired you to love coffee! I don't have time to do the meme right now, but it is a fun one.

I also wanted to ask you if you're on Facebook? If not, you should be! If you are, I would send you a friend request, but don't know your full name. So, if you are, send me one. My name is Renie Burghardt, of course. Haha. I would love to see you on Facebook.



Anonymous said...

Hi there - just surfed into your blog and am enjoying having a read. I really like this meme, might have a go at it myself in the next day or two - thanks for the inspiration. Caroline x