Saturday, 17 April 2010

My pride and joy

Unashamedly happy to publish another picture of my wonderful boy. He is my pride and joy. My inspiration and focus. It wouldn't be possible to love him anymore than I do.


French Fancy said...

Hello Jo - I read about you on Clippy's blog today, but yours is a name I have seen hither and thither (I love saying that) and I wanted to come and say hello.

What a shame about this new state of affairs. Maybe I should have written this entry below the right blog post. Sorry - but I can see what a lovely son you have (there, I made it alright by keeping it on topic).

Anyway, you are now clamped to my sidebar and every time you blog one of my silly comments will no doubt pop up.

(I must find your gall bladder story. I had mine out via cut and slice about four years ago).

Also my favourite shop in the world is Lakeland and I spend vast amounts (my postage to France usually is the biggest amount on the order) online with them. When I've holidayed in the Lakes (a few times now) I've always popped in to their first ever emporium.

Clippy Mat said...

So happy that you have this light in your life.
I'm sure he feels the same way about his Mum.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a sweet 'mum' you are.
I love this photo of great. What would we do without our children???? One must never know....

Diane@Diane's Place said...

He looks so much like his Mum! And gratuitous photos of our kids and grandkids are certainly acceptable. ;o)

Anonymous said...

A boy to be proud of indeed.