Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Operation

An update on Jo's operation.

As of 5:45pm this evening the operation going very well with no complications. The surgeons have removed lots of tissue and lymph nodes for anlysis and all samples have come back negative, indicating no spread of the disease. A good result!

Jo is stable and her condition is good.

The team of surgeons have been working slowly and steadily in the pelvic wall area remving the tumour millimetre by millimetre. This is the area with the greatest risk, lots of blood vessels and nerves. So far so good.

The surgeon I spoke to said they expect to be working for atleast another 5 hours, so expect to see another post later.

Can I ask everyone to maintain their strong positive focus for Jo throughout the night. Your thoughts and prayers will all be received by Jo and your strength and energy will be used by Jo in her quest to overcome this.

Teenager, mum and other half are doing well, just having a quite day.

I will post again later with more news.

Jo's Other Half


Ladybird World Mother said...

How glad I am that I have read this... five hours later means that she will still be in theatre. What a time for you... my prayers (HUGE BIG ones!!) will be with you for the next few hours and into the next few days. Much love to Jo when she wakes up. Hugs all round. Would love to wrap the lot of you up and bring you down here for some TLC.
More love. xxxx

cheshire wife said...

Fingers and toes crossed. I hope that the op. continues to go to plan.

l'optimiste said...

hello Jo's other half :)

thanks SO much for the post and the FB update - we are all on tenterhooks, waiting to see how your darling wife is getting on. So, very much appreciated. You must be on the edge of your seat. I remember how difficult my surgery etc was for my own Other blokes need a medal putting up with us ;)

Lots of love to Teenager, mum and of course, you. And especially to dear Jo.

Can't wait for her to come out, as I'm sure you can't. This is going to be a LONG 4 hours...sending her all my positive thoughts. She is really on my mind. But it sounds like it's going well yay!


Maggie May said...

Praise God for that. I am so pleased that it has gone so well so far.
I will continue to lift Jo up in prayer and I do thank you for the update and will be waiting anxiously for the next bulletin.
It must be very difficult for you (her family) to have to sit this out and I do hope you will have more good news soon.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Tracey said...

Thinking of her.. Jo is a strong lady and in my thoughts.. try to all stay strong too.. xxx

karen gerstenberger said...

Thank you so much for this positive update. I will post a link on my blog, as I've asked for prayer from my readers, and we can all continue to pray with Jo & your family. You are all held in love.

Snowdrop said...

Thank you Jp's other half for the update. My thoughts are with you, Jo and teenager.

If anyone can do this it is Jo!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Thank you for the update....BIG prayers are coming in from Florida for our friend Jo.

mrsnesbitt said...

She is very much in our prayers tonight - we will visit as soon as she is ready for us! We are only in Whitby, North Yorkshire xxx Just give us a shout!

Clippy Mat said...

Dear Jo's Other Half:
Thank you for the update, and I also read your comments on Facebook. Jo has been well prayed for today. Best wishes to you and your family and God Speed Jo for a quick recovery.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Thinking of Jo and sending a prayer for her. A

Akelamalu said...

I just read about Jo's operation on Maggie's blog and wanted to say I'll keep Jo in my prayers and send Reiki healing.

Reiki blessings to you both. x