Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Where does the time go? August 5th 2008

Have just noticed that my blogs don't have dates on them. I assume I need to add them myself. Truth is- I have not paid as much attention to my blog as I had vowed to. There appears to be the odd reader (no pun intended) out there, so I am sorry if you have been disappointed (if you are, you really need to get out more).
I am not really too sure how to increase the readership. Is there some secret technological strategy I am missing (such as the more activity the more your blog flags in cyberspace as fascinating and unmissable?) Some tips would be good for this: but in order to get tips I need to get readers. Comments please?
I am going to suss out how to load photos and add weblinks next: bear with me. Some lovely photos of the lake district will emerge ( when I have worked out how to use the digital camera and adobe photoshop-it never ends).
I also need to tell a few more people that I have a blog. It's getting over that innate ( British-or is this an excuse?) shyness and being bullish about it. Paul (dearest half) and I have always been rather tame about this in the business: we have a great product but don't tell people enough about who we are and what we do. We are working on that very hard at the moment. Nothing more frustrating than hearing people say ' you are on our doorstep but we never knew you were there'. We are learning!
We have recently been working on our flyers for our NLP programmes in Autumn/ Winter and 2009, and I bravely asked for feedback from a few trusty friends and close customers. They very kindly took time and trouble to have a look and critique for us. It was a really helpful exercise because they all said broadly the same things, helping us to adjust what we had done. It reminds me: folk are happy to help and support if asked, and getting feedback really does refine and build what is being built. It is always about confidence in the end! As it oft heard in the world of NLP: 'build it and they will come'.

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