Saturday, 28 November 2009

One week on...

Where does the time go? I have been tuning in to read a few blogs but haven't got round to posting myself.
Started the Christmas shopping today by buying some wrapping paper at M and S. Wow- I can tell you are impressed!
We sussed out a PSP Go at Game for the teen. He can't decide on this or money. Sigh. It's all gadgets these days, up market smellies and clothes.
I also bought some thermal socks. The sight of the snow on the Lakeland Hills and the frozen car this morning, made me realise its time to wrap up.
Cumbria is still staggering out of the flood crisis. The enormity and impact of what has happened here, and especially in Cockermouth, is just starting to become apparent. And it is totally shocking. Every day we hear a shocking story about a life which has been ripped apart. Please pray for the people of Cumbria who have been so badly affected.
We have another busy week ahead. Mum is holding the fort while other half and I go South to create new chances for work in the New Year. Its really tough out there but we are staying focussed.
Hope you are all well and happy out there!


Beth said...

We had a flood in my area this past spring. It is gut wrenching to see how the aftermath affects others. I hope things start looking up for your area.

And I am impressed that you started Christmas shopping already.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so sorry to hear of so many being displaced by the bad weather/floods.
Ice? Snow? ughhh. I don't know how you do it.
Christmas shopping? Don't even start...I won't go there. :)
Take care, Suz

Anonymous said...

Wow, back at work so soon after your op!?! Fantastic, although I hope you aren't overdoing things?

Sending lots of positive thoughts to everyone in Cumbria who has been affected by the flooding.

l'optimiste said...

I was moaning about our crappy weather today. Now I am not! Poor flooded people, what a nightmare. Makes our constant rain seem rather pleasant in comparison, being that it hasn't filled up our house.

Oh, check out the heated hats and shoe liners at Maplins - if I lived there I would buy all the stock!

jinksy said...

Wrapping paper, eh? Does this mean you wish you could have Christmas all wrapped up, I wonder? How symbolic! :)

Suburbia said...

Have been thinking of you all up there in this dreadful weather. Hope you are well.

Just popped by to say thankyou for all your support at mine, it is very much appreciated.