Monday, 3 May 2010

Creative Visualisation

I promised to start sharing books and resources which have helped or are helping me with my health issues. I would like to start with Shakti Gawain who wrote a great book called Creative Visualisation. It isn't specifically a cancer book- it can help anyone with any issue. It is a positive, uplifting and practical book and it really works well. Books such as this start giving you a strong feeling that you have some control when you feel as if you have very little. Getting control and choice back is such a key part of the healing and learning process I think. I often use the techiques described in the book. I like listening to guided visualisation hypnotic inductions on my ipod using headphones. Very very relaxing and enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, just before reading this post I emailed you about a meditation cd! The book looks interesting, I will go and check it out, thank you for sharing.

(P.S. My word verification was immune!)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Gail said...

I use creative visualisation a lot with my young learners. I dont think I have this one - best go check my shelves first though!

sending you strong positive vibes Jo x

Loopin said...

I am a big fan of hypnotherapy cds - whenever you need some downtime, but your brain is unable to calm down or jump tracks, they are invaluable.

I've read Shakti Gawain, but I've not managed to put it into practice. I suspect I might do better with the cd that's also available.

It's great when you find things which are helpful in your hour of need.

Snowdrop said...

Interesting looking book.

What I'd be really interested in, is whether or nots its an easy read, or a more complex subject matter.

Snowdrop said...

What an interesting sounding book.

What would be really useful to understand, is whether or not the book is an easy read or a more complex in depth subject matter?

Gill - That British Woman said...

Popped by to say hello and to see how you're doing?

Loved the photo of your sone that your sil took.

Gill in Canada

tmmb said...

I've heard this author recommended before- thinking I should check it out. Sounds great!

Decadent Housewife said...

Thank you for posting this - will track it down at the library.

C said...

i have read this book by shakti a long time ago... and am a firm believer in visualization. it is a very powerful thing, jo. back in the day i was in therapy for childhood abuse issues and my therapist taught me inner child work, which is just another name for visualization... and i was able to overcome many bad things because of it.

for your situation i imagine a little pac-man type thing inside your body gobbling up all the cancer cells.... i helped a child do this same one in my pediatric rotation in college... and it has always stuck with me. i hope and pray it helps you destroy the bad cells whilst letting you feel the power of your own mind, because honey, the mind is SO powerful.

you'll be in my prayers,



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