Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bearing gifts

It is fun after Christmas to reflect on the gifts you receive. What your favourites are and what will end up in the Church raffle.

I loved my 'toy watch' black and white see above (mine has sparkly face), and my pandora ring from husband. I got lots of lovely bits and pieces. However, my best present was from my Jeannie. It was a very intuitive gift. She bought me a lovely notebook, a smart pen and a book called The Romancer ( on being a writer)... Wendy Robertson. I often been told to write a book. Lots of people think I should write about last year, but frankly I don't think anyone would want to read it, and I have no real desire to recount it. I didn't keep a diary, don't have a good memory for detail, and frankly would like to forget most of it. I would like to be an inspiration and I need to find a way of doing that, perhaps through the medium of a book. But detailing the pretty gruelling details of last year and treatment would probably send the majority of people fleeing to the hills. No- that won't be the subject.

I look at the notebook and know that one day soon I will be inspired. I won't start til the muse inspires me. I will keep reading the book though.

What was your favourite present?
(PS- I am doing ok - the last few days have been very positive. Progress is painfully slow but I will prevail. And I will stay positive and hopeful, and eat lots of sweeties. Heh Heh)


tmmb said...

Hurraaay for quietly encouraging news. Glad to hear it. I think my favorite present was the nice warm coat I got from my brother and sister-in-law who knew I needed it. I know this makes me sound like a child from a Dickens novel, but every time I put that lovely warm coat on I really do think of them and smile.

Maggie May said...

Glad you are doing OK even if you think it is slow progress.
I did keep a diary of my bad year but cannot bring myself to read it. I also blogged about it too and felt that it helped me and I probably had more comments when I wrote about gruesome details & sometimes photos etc.
It might help somebody one day. Who knows.
I am still keeping a diary.

Favourite present? That is difficult.
My daughter bought me a subscription for *Rabbiting On* It is a years subscription to the Rabbit Welfare Association and each year I will receive 4 magazines packed with useful info about pet rabbits. I can imagine everyone rolling their eyes and saying how boring is that!
I had a super set of electronic kitchen scales from my son.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Busy Bee Suz said...

We did not do much as far as gifts for each other, but my husband/girls got me two books. I am almost done with one of them now: The Help. It is great.
Glad you are feeling well Jo, love your positive attitude.
I hope you are inspired very soon to write that novel!

Loopin said...

Jo - if you did write a book about the year you had last year, everyone would think it a work of fiction, it's so hard to believe!

That you've come shining out of the other side of the deep cloud that engulfed you is such a credit to you, and the support network you have built around you.

I know there's still a long slog ahead of you, but you're doing brilliantly, as always.

Whatever book you do decide to write, I'm sure you will find an audience for the insight you have drawn from your life experiences. You inspire so many already, but you will inspire even more. Get writing, girl!!

Irritatingly Optimistic said...

Was the watch black and white for any particular reason Jo?
I have always wanted to write a book, started one once, a children's book but it wasn't up to much and I lost the flow. Good luck with yours when you decide what to write.

My favourite present was my Emu slippers with sheepskin lining. So cosy!

Take care x

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Anyone want to buy any socks? Thinking of you.

Jeannie said...

My favourite present was a Troll Beads bracelet which I chose. Each bead or trinket is individually chosen. Hands shaking - for friendship, so very important, Unity -for a world that needs togetherness, A Wishing Star- for looking ahead to, and beautiful shades of pink and red beads- great anchors when I need them.

Loopin said...

Aaand I forgot about saying what was my best present!!!

It would probably have to be Downton Abbey on dvd. Looking forward to curling up for a marathon viewing!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Anyone want to buy a pair of socks or two1 Keep smiling.