Friday, 28 January 2011

The floor sweeper

Not sure if it was my gran, or even mum who had one...... but somewhere in the mists of my youth I remember a floor sweeper. It was whisked out to sort crumbs out. I thought even then it was pretty cool. So much quieter than the vacuum cleaner ( I hate the noise to this day) and so much lighter.
Since there are men in the house, and particularly a teenager variety, we have a lot of crumbs.
So yesterday I went to Lakeland and bought- a floor sweeper. A simple plain no frills type. And today it gets its first outing. Just a quick rampage round the kitchen and lounge, and I we will see if this is the start of a love story. Anyone else out there a fan?


Jinksy said...

Depends on you type of flooring, I think. Smooth carpets are fine - shaggy ones a no-no! My Mum was a great sweeper upper of crumbs...

Expat mum said...

I love mine - even when it spits the stuff back out!

Anonymous said...

I have had a floor sweeper since the day I married. Not the same one, although they seem to last forever. When I lived in England, (mostly in Cumbria!) I always had a EWBANK.
Now, here in Canada, I have a BISSELL. They're the only brands I know of, although I suspect Lakeland has its own brand.
When I first got married, I bought the EWBANK as we couldn't afford a vacuum cleaner. Now I wouldn't be without my
BISSELL. I use it almost every day.


Maggie May said...

I remember those sweepers very well. Not sure whether they are brilliant at picking up or not because they don't fit into awkward places like a vacuum hose.
I bought a long-handled sweeping brush and long-handled pan and find I can sweep between the vacuuming sessions and this way remove hay that the rabbits shed and any odd bits of paper &stuff. This is quite successful and was bought from a Poundsaver shop. About £3.50!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

karen gerstenberger said...

My grandparents had one, and I was fascinated by it. Let us know how it works!
My favorites now are the Swiffer and the vacuum system that's built into the house. We hook up a long hose to the wall outlet, flip a switch, and GAME ON. The hose is much lighter-weight than a whole vacuum-cleaner. (Must say here that the only reason we have this luxury is the fact that my brother is the factory rep for the company that makes it.)

Irritatingly Optimistic said...

My Mum had one, and maybe it's still there tucked in a cupboard as I doubt my step mother would know how to use one.

As for crumbs, they don't ever get to the floor in our house. We have two dogs for that job!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I remember these...they used them in restaurants a lot because they were virtually silent while people were still eating.
I don't know if I can use anything aside from my dyson. :)
good luck!

tmmb said...

I love those things! Can never find them in the US. If and when I have a place of my own again, I am pestering you for places to buy them online.

Sage said...

I am a big fan, unfortunately in the move last year it had to be skipped as we just didn't have enough room for it but I will get another one.. must take a look at the lakeand one..

Snowdrop said...

Mum had a Ewebank in yellow.

Must have missed you by a whisker, we were in the lakes all last week and called into Lakeland on Saturday. We were staying in my beloved Keswick, but headed down to Windermere Tues/wed to avoid the rain.