Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Simple pleasures

I want you to think about stuff you enjoy doing every day or every week. Just simple things-nothing exciting. Things that aren't complicated or expensive, things that just give your life a bit of structure and perhaps routine. Stuff that you don't really notice- until it is suddenly taken away at a moment's notice- for months.

I haven't done an awful lot of that type of activity for months- since last March really but certainly hardly at all since September 29th ( operation day). Let me give you a few examples: going for coffee with the girls after school drop off in the morning; driving even short trips; little walks round the block and to my dad's grave ten minutes away; going to Church; going to the supermarket; talking strategy about business stuff with other half and crayoning on the big office whiteboard with chunky pens. Even making teenager's tea ( yes I am serious).

One day I could do it- and pretty much the next day I couldn't. And I am just getting back into it and it is a total joy. I don't take anything for granted these days. Having the strength to have a shower is wonderful. There was a point where I went to bed without a teeth clean- I just didn't have the strength. Now when the brush is flying I thank God that I can do it twice a day and easily. Putting a load of washing on- pride. Making any type of a meal. Success. Brewing a cuppa for a visitor- goal scored.

Today I was able to get up after a great continuous night's sleep. I was able to go with other half to school drop off. I then went to the supermarket to meet my friends for a coffee. We used to meet a few times a week. Today I was celebrating the first visit for months. And it felt great. What a tonic. What a strength those ladies are. I love them to bits. I don't think they read this blog- so I am not being a creep honest. It was just good to chat about the usual stuff - the kids, plans for half term, exams, possible social activities. Oh happiness. And when I got back I hopped on the sofa and slept- a tired but happy sleep.

Please think about all that routine stuff and enjoy it. Appreciate it. I never did really- til I lost it. And now I have a chance to enjoy it again- I am going to enjoy every drop.


Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

I'm meeting my friend for a coffee and toasted teacake in the morning - I will think of you and remind myself of how lucky I am.
Delighted you are gaining strength x

karen gerstenberger said...

While I would NEVER wish cancer or any sort of illness on anyone, what you are describing is one of the "gifts" that it can bring - to those, like you, whose hearts and minds and eyes are OPEN. God bless you and continue to heal your body! xoxoxo

Maggie May said...

Jo, this post touched my heart.
Yes, I have learnt to savour the simple things. A walk with the wind in my face. Climbing a hill without getting out of breath.Little beams of sunshine and watching birds on the feeder.
Family and friends. My rabbits antics and their loving trust.
Just being alive.
We can never take it for granted and I don't suppose I will ever feel the same way as I was before I knew I had cancer.
I am so pleased with your progress and for sharing the simple things that give you pleasure. Many thanks for doing that and for inspiring us.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Expat mum said...

Good post Jo. Worked a treat for me as I wasn't having a very "appreciative" day!

Bragger said...

What a good lesson for all of us, to appreciate the little things. I am so glad you have progressed to the point where you can enjoy some of these things. Keep it up!

Renie Burghardt said...

I rarely visit Blogger anymore, Jo, but am glad I did this evening. Such a sweet, touching post! And you are quite right, appreciating the simple pleasures is so important. I am very mindful of that at my age. I enjoy a good cup of coffee with dear friends, lunch at a little Bistro, or just visiting and yakking away for an hour, etc. I am so happy that you can enjoy them once again!



Loopin said...

I think we are all guilty of living up to the saying "familiarity breeds contempt", and taking for granted the routine aspects of life. Good for you, getting back into those routine aspects and finding joy in them. So should we all!

Nota Bene said...

Keep at're right, we all take day to day things for granted

Jane said...

I have just discovered your blog Jo and I have tremendous admiration for you. Being a theatre nurse I know what you have been through, and I am so pleased you are now back on the long road to recovery. I live in Newcastle but I am a Cumbrian by birth
Best Wishes
Jane x

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so right....I actually do think of these things. I think that IF I were to be ill, so much of my daily life would be lost. So much of it is mundane, but important stuff too.
Glad you are doing well.