Sunday, 20 March 2011

so what's going on?

I know I have been quiet on news. This means I have been a busy Lakeland Jo. My life is never boring- good or bad, but never boring!
I had a couple of weeks of saintliness where I looked at clothes and bought nothing. The halo got broken at some point and a few new bits and pieces have appeared in the wardrobe ready for the elusive spring and summer weather.
If I can explain myself a little. I have always been overweight. Sometimes a bit, sometimes a lot. I always tried to look nice. I bought good quality, well fitting clothes and interesting jewellery and I think I looked very nice a lot of the time. But I was big, and I took little interest in clothes really. More interested in what fitted me and where I could get it.
But now, many stone lighter I have suddenly become rather obsessed with fashion and clothes. I am still losing weight slowly but surely- my appetite is small but no longer non existent. I graze and make an effort to eat regularly. I eat good stuff most of the time but not a great deal. I used to be very greedy; now I spend time when I can looking obsessively at what other people are wearing and making inner judgements about smart or interesting they look.
I had plenty of chances this weekend. While teenager went on rugby tour in Scotland, other half
and I went to stay with our lovely friend Martin in Newcastle, and we went to the St Patrick day race meeting at Newcastle race course. The fashions were out and about. I managed to find somewhere to sit down so I could watch the show. I was glued. In between ( some very successful) betting there was plenty to watch. Some very ill advised dresses, gallons of fake tan, tons of spidery false eye lashes and enough make- up to sink a ship. I was mesmerised. There were a lot of 'off the shoulder' outfits, some very short skirts, some very tight fitting suits on men with bright ties. We are country folk these days, and our eyes were on stalks.
I didn't see a horse in the flesh until the end of the meeting. It was a packed event. Badly organised, with queues every-where for everything. We arrived early and were lucky to get a seat. It was too cold to go outside but too crowded to stand on the balcony. We had a tv next to our table. I could see my winners on there!
Other half and I went to London this week to the Royal Marsden. They want me monitored closer to home now. I will be looked after by a local team. They can't make anymore interventions now, and they are keen not to keep trailing us down to London for no reason. It was hard to accept though knew it had to come. I love and trust my lovely surgeon Mr Barton. His work is done and he needs to move onto other worthy souls. It is hard parting with him!
However, I won't miss the long trips and having other half take two days out of office. I won't miss waiting in line for the clinic ( this time running late a spectacular two and a half hours!). It is very tiring and it makes sense now to keep it local.
I will, however, still go and stay with my dear friend Louise who has been such kind and splendid hostess to me and my family while we have been involved with the Marsden. She is not getting rid of us- that's for sure. And neither is London and all its delights. We will be back soon.
Anyway, I need to go. I have an Elle magazine to read: wall to wall fashion. And a round of applause please: this was my first post typed on my new Apple Mac pro. Lovely :)


Maggie May said...

Wonderful about your weight loss. I am very envious as I am overweight and cannot seem to cut back on food. I see to be carrying it all round my middle.
Good that you will not have to go to the Marsden again though I can understand you missing the lovely team who helped you.
Great that you have so many lovely things to look forward to.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Expat mum said...

You can shop for both of us Jo, I don't know why but I loathe it. (My word verification is "flogesse" which I'm sure you would have called me at work if it had been known then!!!)

karen gerstenberger said...

I love that you are enjoying fashion and having a chance to notice all that is around you. Tastes change, as well as our shapes changing! Hooray for you, being able to consider different styles now. And hooray for a shorter trip to the doctor...maybe you can now reserve London for FUN!

l'optimiste said...

clapping wildly...and rather envious of the apple mac! I know what you mean about shopping for clothes - I only enjoyed it after losing 2 stone. Then I became a 'Collecter of Little Tops'. I couldn't resist! And wore jeans for the first time in my adult life. What fun ;)

thinking of you...glad the treatment is now closer to home...

Busy Bee Suz said...

::clapping for you::
Congrats on the new clothes, the horse betting and being released from the 'far away' medical team.
I just love reading that you travel to London...youngest is in Scotland and travelers.
Take care Jo...

Loopin said...

Heh - looking forward to seeing you back in The Smoke without the bind of hospital schedules :) So many fun things to do instead!

Renie Burghardt said...

Applause, applause! You did great with your new Apple Mac pro. My daughter has one and loves it.

I haven't been to a big city in so long. I bet you will miss some of London's excitement.

Enjoy every day. Life is so good.



Nota Bene said...

You are indeed a busy bee...and that new computer makes all the difference!

Anonymous said...

You seem like one incredible woman - your attitude is bloody amazing! Glad you had a fab time and have a couple of new outfits - let's hope they encourage the sun to come out and stay x

Pam said...

Good for you & happy shopping! I know what you mean too - I just rejoined weight watchers and am starting to get interested in clothes again - even painted my toenails a bright colour today! Bring on capris and sandals I say!

About Last Weekend said...

Love how you talk about clothes and especially how people dress at these things, really funny and spot on!

organicharp said...

Yay for the Mac Book! Good to see you back. x

Snowdrop said...

Happy shopping girl - go for it

Grumpy Old Ken said...

You've mastered Apple Mac, I've mastered the lightswich, are'nt we with it1 Keep smiling.

Clippy Mat said...

Good for you Jo. It must be fanatasic to get dressed up these days and it's very well deserved.
Enjoy every bit of it.