Sunday, 21 June 2009

Guess who is back? Looking fabulous after over twenty four hours on the move! Two hours sleep and full of beans. Here is grandma and dad at the arrivals section of the airport- overwhelmed with relief!
I was so excited! I cried buckets.

Ignore the red eyes and nose. I think it's justified don't you? Ten weeks without him.

Back at home with dad. That is a welcome banner above them. Pity the sun wouldn't shine! Teenager was delighted to see his beloved Lake Windermere and all the lovely greenery everywhere.

Jet lag? What's that? After sausage and chips, photos ( watch this space later in the week) and distribution of souvenirs it was straight out with best friend D for a try out of Aussie rules football. They are back to being inseparable already, like a comfy pair of slippers they just fall back into a relaxed and happy relationship. Back from the bout of fresh air for celebration lemon cake and then hanging out in the lovely new revamped bedroom commenced. It has been a complete success. Extreme makeover team here we come. Its a real teenager's pad. He managed to stay up til nine. then the eyelids could no longer manage another minute open. We have lots of cuddles. He's pleased to see us. Lovely!
He is now fast asleep in his glam new bedroom. He looks very happy. I know I am. Other half and I are so glad to have him back. What an adventure.
( for new readers who maybe puzzling: our teenage son has been on a school exchange in Melbourne Australia for ten weeks).


Expat mum said...

IN the photo with you, he looks like he's saying "mu-u-um" in the way that teenage boys do when you fuss over them.

Busy Bee Suz said...

10 weeks is a loooonnnng time in Mommy years. Glad all is well again on the homefront. Enjoy!

Loopin said...

Great to see all the gang together again. Glad to see he took it all in his stride - not too embarrassed by mum crying pints over him! Now he's home you'll probably still hardly see him with school (or has he broken up for summer already) and hanging out with his friend! Just knowing he's sleeping under your roof again must be so comforting though.

Decadent Housewife said...

Wonderful photos - don't you all look so happy! Thanks be he's home safe.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, you all look so happy to have that handsome young man home again! And he looks equally happy to be back with his family. Lovely pictures, Jo. Have a wonderful week of catching up with him.



Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Awwhh!! its good to have him back eh? The time went faster than you expected l bet...
My son is off the the his SOmme/Ypres trip on tuesday and this week is his work experience.....then in 2 weeks he is a lone walker in the Fells for his Duke of edinburgh...I have no control..and he loves it ...l hate it..

hug him for as long as he lets you...usually behind the fridge when no ones about..