Monday, 15 June 2009

London and oyster..

Oyster Cards...

I am on business in London this week. We came (mum is with me) on Saturday and we go back on Thursday. I am working Monday to Wednesday and mum is touristing and chilling out in the sunshine.

I am getting back and forward from work using an 'oyster' card. For those outside the smoke, this card is prepaid and can be used on buses and tubes. I loaded mine with twenty quid this morning at the tube station ( one place where they are sold apparently) and jumped on a bus to Clapham Common on Sloane Street. I flashed my card at a screen next to the driver and a green light flashed. It was all over in a flash and off we sped. Very handy, very civilised. Good idea but no idea what the name is all about. Any ideas folks?

I felt very urban today. Zipped out of the hotel for a Starbucks, and then off to work on the bus with my oyster card firmly in hand. Pity I had my phone nicked on Saturday or I would have looked just the part, texting on the bus with a pair of headphones on!!

As it was, I was happy to stare out the window, people watching and shop window gazing. It is a real change.


Renie Burghardt said...

What does having your phone nikked on mean? You have to speak English, Jo! Haha,

How nice that you have your mum along, so she can enjoy herself while you're working. That is something my own daughter would do for me.

After your visit to Seattle and area, you are now back in the world of business, I guess. Did you go off your diet eating all the delicious food, like those chocolates, and stuff, while in the States?

Enjoy the rest of the week.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps that if you're on one, you're kind of in a big shell of public transit until you're done using it?

Granny on the Web said...

Welcome back! straight in at the deep end Eh? Now Oyster card, no idea why the name, I think some bod of middling ranking has a job in a little office thinking up odd names for ordinary items, what's wrong with Travel card... you know where you are with that.
Have the scales got a tale to tell? I don't blame you for trying chocolate strawberries.
What a bummer you had your phone nicked. Insurance? maybe, that's no help anyway.
Hope you soon settle back.
Love Granny

Lakeland Jo said...

Renie and Granny- I did have some nice treats in USA but I managed to come back three pounds lighter because I was so good!!
I start the proper diet again next week as I still have three stone to lose!!Granny- I agree with you- travel card is so much better as a name. Just thought- is the name something to do with ' the world is your oyster'. If it is- a bit sad really.

Lakeland Jo said...

PS- Renie. Nicked means stolen

Loopin said...

wikipedia can come to the rescue with the whole reason for oyster card..., and yes, "the world is your oyster" does come into it a bit, but it isn't the driving reason for the name. Glad it did the trick for you while you were down here in the smoke!