Friday, 12 June 2009

More pictures of Seattle - Pike Place Market

One of my favourite holiday visits was Pike Place Market in Down Town Seattle. I could have spend lots of time there.

Pike Place Market Seattle- beautiful vegetable displays

How easy it to eat healthily here? Fish and lovely veggies

Lots of fish at Pike Place market- when they sell them they toss them in the air and across the market stall. Famous apparently?

Crabs at Pike Place Market


karengberger said...

I love that place, too. I used to work across the street from it, and walked through it often. So colorful, and did you see the fresh flower stalls? Incredible bouquets for $5 and $10!
Have a great weekend.

Granny on the Web said...

All looks good enough to eat!
My favourite combination... lots of fish and fruit and veg.
Must be very tempting to see such wonderful displays.
How is the diet going!!!

Love Granny

Jess said...

That looks great...too bad we dont have that here...I might be skinnier! LOL

Love, Jess

Lakeland Jo said...

Granny- the diet is going just fine. Despite all those tempting foods I am being a saint

Expat mum said...

So did you get hit in the head by one of them flying fish?