Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I was 45yrs old yesterday and to celebrate ( remembering I can't drink or eat delicious goodies) I decided that I would like to go out for a walk in the autumn sunshine. We went to one of my favourite places in the world: Lake Ullswater. Check out the pictures below- what a delight and a privilege to live so near such wonderful scenery.

We walked about 4 miles altogether which I was pretty proud of considering my rather shakey state of health. It felt really good being nearly five stone lighter. Just call me a mountain goat. I climbed up a stile to take this picture of my other half: no wonder he is smiling so much seeing me up there!
If I could live anywhere it would be Ullswater because of the scenery, but it's pretty remote for a family with an extroverted teenage boy who loves to see friends and play sport.

Perhaps it would be a little remote for me too if I am honest, but you have to admit, its beautiful isn't it?

When I was having my cancer treatment and feeling very low, I used to shut my eyes and imagine myself looking out on this view and breathing in the fresh air.

It was a wonderful feeling to actually be there after all that imagining. The weather was perfect for walking. Sunny and warm at times, but with a chilly wind to keep me cool ( check out the pink fleece- bought this year in San Fran Cisco- it is freezing there!).

Next time I would like to do the whole of the Ullswater shore walk- about seven/ eight miles with some rugged terrain. Will have to work towards that as a goal.
Had a lovely birthday and had a very happy time. Lots of flowers, cards and wonderful gifts. I feel very blessed and happy. Thanks to all of you who made a fuss of me.


tmmb said...

Happy belated!! Looks like you had the perfect day. And yes, you live in the prettiest place on the planet! Thanks for the extra motivation to finish up all those applications. :)
Nice hoodie!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Happy Birthday to you!! For yesterday and what a lovely sunny warm day it was...glad you had a lovely time the two of you!!

Jess said...

Happy Late Bday...and you two are cute! The scenery was breath-taking....truly. and I'm glad you got to enjoy your bday...

Love, Jess

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I am sorry I missed your birthday yesterday on Face Book, Jo. I couldn't get on all day because my ISP was having some work done on the lines.

Ullswater Lake is beautiful! What a lovely place to spend one's birthday, hiking no less! By the way, you're my daughters age.

Happy Belated Birthday, Jo! May you have many, many more happy birthdays!

Birthday Hugs and Blessings!


karen gerstenberger said...

Happy Birthday to you! What a great gift, to spend time in one of your "happy places" with your true love(s) - was Teenager with you? That's one of my favorite things to request for my birthday, too - with a meal. (When your health is more stable, you can collect that delicious meal.)
You look great, and especially in pink.
Did I ever tell you that one of my dreams is to hike/walk all over Britain with my true love, exercising and seeing sights all day, and then eating and drinking at night? Wouldn't that be a grand vacation?

Loopin said...

Beautiful pictures, Jo! Glad you found something wonderful to do to celebrate your birthday.

Cathy said...

Hello Jo
Happy Birthday - must be something about this time in October thats special!!
Looks like a fabulous place to have spent the day - as you say worth a visit to do the whole lot
Take care

geraldgee said...

Great scenery,just right for a birthday.

LizBeth said...

Jo, October is a good month for birthdays! Mine, too. LOL. . . . .What beautiful scenery! Would be an encouragement to anyone, I do think. Here's to seven or eight miles next time!! All the best, Liz

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy Birthday to you. Yes, that is some beauiful scenery...glad you were able to enjoy it!!!

Sage said...

Glad you had some lovely weather and a great time on your birthday... wish I had known sooner....

Lakeland Jo said...

Cathy and LizBeth- I agree October is the best month to be born and we are the best.
Karen- be sure to visit the Lakes and us when you come over hiking and eating in Britain. We will show you all the best Lakeland walks and pubs!
Thanks to all of you for the good wishesXX

PEA said...

Well Happy Birthday to you:-) Omigosh, what beautiful scenery you got to see on your walk, it's breathtaking!! I had planned on going for a walk in some trails on my own b'day but waking up to snow and being so cold, I decided to stay in! lol Good for you for having lost so much weight, I can well imagine how good it feels:-) xox