Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Live Strong

Please pop over to L'optimiste's blog today folks and read her posting on LIVESTRONG. This subject is a personal passion of mine- I have posted about it before. Reading it again this morning makes me realise how lucky I am to live somewhere where there is a national health service.
We have had so much trouble with insurance companies ( for income protection claims while sick etc) I have no trust in them WHATSOEVER. The thought of trusting them with my health makes my hair stand right on end!
No doubt about it- if I had been left at the mercy of health insurers with my medical history I would not be here blogging now.


l'optimiste said...

I am sure I wouldn't be here either...I had to have a coccygetomy a few years ago. We were insured with BUPA at the time - they refused treatment on the grounds that I had once fallen down some stairs. We cancelled the policy instantly, and I have no regrets, as I can just *imagine* what they may have said about OC. They add so much stress! grr. And I hate them too!

Thanks for the link! :o)

Anonymous said...

More people in the US need to hear these kinds of things- folks are just being hypnotized by angry media here, people more afraid of being taxed than heaven forbid getting really sick. Needing long-term treatment under our current system would be a nightmare... Thanks for posting this.