Monday, 5 October 2009

Sugar Free Week

Ok Ok. If you look at Thursday's post you will see that I think I am eating too much sugar. So this week it stops. I am going cold turkey except on fruit to see what happens.I am also cutting down on the carbs. So expect a post with me shreiking and whining tomorrow. And there's also the walk I am going to do every day- expect a report soon to tell you I am doing it and how far I have gone ( don't hold your breath!).

Had a great weekend with the boys. Other half and I took teenager and his Australian exchange partner to Newcastle for the weekend. On Saturday we went to watch NUFC versus Bristol City which ended in a draw. ( BOOOOOO!) It was an exciting match at times and we had fun.

On Saturday night we went to TGI Friday's and the others had loads of stuff that made me drool such as ribs, steaks and burgers. I had plain prawns, a few bits of chicken and lettuce. I was so worried about getting an attack of pain ( I had a bad one on Friday with no sign of what caused it- rather worrying). I finished it off with peppermint tea. Had a good time though and I enjoyed hearing the boys chatting about their adventures at school, both this side of the world and the other.

On Sunday, we went to see the Newcastle Falcons ( rugby union) play Saracens. Boy was it a frustrating hair ripping game. They played well in the first half, but must have sent out a different team in the second half. It was really dire. My blood pressure reading must have soared. Those of you who support a team- you know what I mean when that happens? It is infuriating.

Anyway, we are back home and facing a busy interesting week. I better go and get on with it.


Decadent Housewife said...

Good for you with the sugar dump. Cut out obvious sugar years ago. Things taste so much better.

Loopin said...

Good luck with both the sugar free and the walking!

I've got that virtuous feeling having done a very fast 20 minute walk in the pouring rain. Usually I have walking buddies, but they passed.

It will give you a real energy buzz, I'm sure, which will help with the sugar deprivation!

I thought of you at the w/end with the ho-hum result at NUFC. Two home draws in a row now. Glad you all had fun though.

Not so good to hear you've had another attack of pain. Just think, you're now a week closer to your op and the pain going.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

blodd pressure..oh my...sign f the menopausal times l reckon..
sounds like you had a blinder of a weekend, how lovely to all go out together...
thanks for dropping by...

Anonymous said...

Just remember you don't have to go far! It's like the Buddhists say: it's showing up that matters. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ditching sugar is a good thing. It is also the hardest thing I could ever do. GOOD luck to you Jo.
Take care, suz