Friday, 2 October 2009

Opinions Saturday week three

So let's find out what you think about .....
....( my opinions are in brackets ....)

Crisps ( I love them but don't eat them- especially at the moment)

Formula One- (too noisey! Not keen.)

Gardening- haven't a clue what I am doing but like the garden to look nice. Luckily my wonderful pal A is a gardener- aren't I spoilt? I wonder if I would get into it if I had more time. My lovely friend B in Seattle is a fabulous gardener, and very good at it. My favourite aunt is also rather green of finger...

Ironing- loathesome. Horrible. Soul destroying. Do it all and then have to do it all again the week after? Could anything be more depressing? I send mine out.

Newspapers- not much patience with them. I have a brief scan, but hate the feel of print on my fingers and it makes me sneeze.

Cars - I love them. The bigger, faster and sleeker the better. I lust after them up and down the motorway. If I was a millionaire I would have one for every day of the week.

Christmas - I miss my dad so much at this time of year I find it hard. I also find all the hype very tedious. I was chatting to my friends the other day, and many of them admitted that they find the holiday really stressful. Too much spending, cooking, clearing, overindulging and keeping the peace. The weather and dark are horrible at this time of year so the Christmas tree lights and candles are lovely, and I enjoy my carols. I love spending Christmas away- if I can't get to Florida and the sunshine, I like to go to a hotel in Scotland with the boys and mum and just chill out. After busy months in the business ( usually September to December) I am ready to take some time out and relax. Not my favourite time of year by any means, but it has its highlights.

Let's hear about you folks?


Gill - That British Woman said...

I like these lists, so random, but interesting.

Crisps: Sour cream and onion are my favourite, and the brand Lays

Formula One: no interest at all in this

Gardening: well with 5 acres, I guess I like gardening....LOL

Ironing: I find it very therapeutic, I know strange eh!! Infact I am thinking of doing a post for Sunday on laundry

Newspapers: I love reading the paper. We get a paper delivered on a Saturday. I would have them delivered daily, but the service sucks out here in the country!!

Cars : No interest in them.

Christmas: It's stressful if you ask me, trying to buy stuff for people who have everything. The whole meaning of Christmas, Christ's birth has all but dissapeared if you ask me......sorry to be such a downer on this subject!!

l'optimiste said...

Crisps: I love them !

Formula One: boooooring [snore]

Gardening: I love gardening, my garden is like therapy for me. Although I tend to rip of quite a lot of fingernails whilst chopping and digging...

Ironing: NO!!! I send mine out too! Eee – makes me come over all peculiar just thinking about actually doing it.

Newspapers: full of cr*p

Cars: YES! I’m a speed freak [hmm – should I admit that?]

Christmas: Don’t like all the hype – we usually go to the Gambia after doing an early Christmas dinner with the kids. That’s great, I love cooking that type of BIG meal, doing the table, having a fire in the hearth etc.
But the Gambia has constant sunshine, a bauble here and there on a Baobab tree and NO TV.! Yippee – all those adverts – ugh. Shame we can't go this year :(

Loopin said...

Crisps - take them or leave them. Prefer the kettle chip kind to bog-standard, like to keep it simple on the flavours when I do have some
Formula One - deeply boring. I'm more interested in car racing where the cars look like something you can drive yourself: rallycross or touring cars.
Gardening - I don't have a garden, but I love gardens. I'd probably have to have a gardener though as I'd forget how long it was since I did things.
Ironing - don't do it. Anything that needs ironing stays on the shelf/rack in the shop. And I've perfected a technique for washing and drying stuff that means it's all pretty crease-free anyway.
Newspapers - haven't bought a newspaper since I was a student, more years ago than I care to mention. I do read them occasionaly, but find news websites, radio and tv give me as much as I need.
Cars - essential to me for the freedom and convenience, but as long as it does the job and is reliable, that's about all I care about.
Christmas - pretty neutral. Nice to spend time socialising with friends and family, but the commercialisation and the pressure to be with family in particular I find very unhealthy. Not surprised there are so many "domestics" and calls to counselling lines this time of year.

Expat mum said...

I was going to recommend one of those iron press things. I'm a new woman since purchasing mine. But if you send yours out, then who needs one?

Jess said...

Enjoyed these...just letting you know I'm still lurking...hope all is well and that you have a good week.

love, Jess