Friday, 8 January 2010

There's snow business like.............

Freezing United Kingdom. If you want to see a picture of what we are suffering here ( for those of you in warmer climes). Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My car hasn't been out the path for days and now won't start at all. It is covered with ice and looks very fed up. We are relying on other half's all wheel drive - if you don't have one at the moment life is difficult here if not impossible.
Another drop of snow and we will be well and truly stuck.
Already have had a day postponed next week, and I suspect that Monday will be disappearing too today as the snow forecast for the event is dire, and they are already knee deep!
But every day we wrap up warm, make the fire up and keep laughing. Teenager's school is hanging on in there, and even he has relented and is wearing thermals and gloves ( it must be damned cold- he is a hardy beast).
Hope you are all safe and warm- wherever you are.


Busy Bee Suz said...

wowza. Makes me cold just looking at the photo.
So, the school is still open? Die hards for sure.
Stay warm!!

Studentmum said...

We are not too stuck, no 4 wheel drive - but our main roads are clear - if only we could get out of our road!
Girls' school gave up immediately, but has now opened - we'll wait and see what monday brings.

It looks pretty, but I've had enough now of the hour long 'snow' bulletins on the news.

your area must at least look beautiful!

Decadent Housewife said...

Stay warm and stay safe!

jinksy said...

The weather forecast has just added another grim layer of snow news to the south of England! :)

lunardancer said...

Even from your pictures I can tell that it is one winter but-not-so wonderful land where you are. But it is always to nice to know that you have your entire family to keep you warm within though it is freezing cold outside.

cheshire wife said...

Not every body that lives in the country has a 4x4. A social event in our village was cancelled this evening because our untreated village roads are so bad. In fact very few people in our village have a 4x4.

l'optimiste said...

uff - it's awful isn't it?? I hate the cold. Roll on Spring!!! we have a lovely wood burner thank goodness!

Granny on the Web said...

We are snowed in here now, it looks to be about 10 inches deep and more is falling as I type, so by morning... Even our 4x4 won't manage out of our drive, we just slid sideways.
My son in Boston USA is laughing at me though, as they get it a lot worse tan this and for many months on end.
Keep warm
Love Granny

Jess said...

We've been frigidly cold and got a dusting of snow on Thursday. Not even enough to make snow cream here. I'm so disappointed!

It did cancel schools here because of the icy roads and lack of road clearing equipment. Only a few inches of snow can really paralyze us, never mind the amount of snow you're dealing with right now!

Stay warm and be safe.



Polergirl said...

I'm snowed in too. More snow forecast for the weekend, so instead of getting to work on Monday, guess who might just be playing on the Wii? :-)