Sunday, 10 January 2010

Two days in and no cheating

This picture was taken on my birthday in October 2009 and at the time it was taken I was struck when I looked it at it how much weight I had really lost since January. It still has that effect on me now.
I am very excited about losing some more weight. Before the gallstones starting mis-behaving I had lost three and a half stone on a programme called LighterLife. It is becoming very popular in the UK now.

I had a break from the programme to have a holiday and that is when the gallstones flared up. I had to stop the programme and change track. I lost more weight sticking to a very low fat diet until the surgery. Now the evil gallbladder has gone, and I am ready for the challenge of getting rid of the rest of the pounds.

When I joined Lighterlife in January 2009 you had to have at least three stone to lose to join the programme. Now there are more flexible and inclusive options.

It is an extreme programme, but it worked really well for me. It suited my personality. I liked the 'freedom' of disconnecting from food totally, and not having the challenge of deciding what to eat. Other than black coffee, black tea and water and the foodpacks, you can have nothing else. It is a very low calorie diet and after the first two/three days you don't feel hungry at all. Hard to imagine? Well- I didn't. I found it much easier to stick to than I imagined. The hunger goes because you are in a zone called ketosis.

I got to a point where I could go out to eat with other people and just drink black coffee. I amazed myself. I was in the zone. And the best part- the results are damned quick. It is the most appealling part. When you have a lot to lose, speed helps!

Some folk said 'you will have to learn how to manage food at some point-is it a good idea?'. I do take that point. However,the rationale for not eating food while you are on the plan is to give you the chance to think about why you got fat in the first place, and to explore your habits and reasons for over-eating.

I did notice some interesting patterns. The biggest shock was how well you can be when eating so little. I can honestly say I felt marvellous the whole time I was on the plan. Full of energy and focus. Even when I was eating very little on the low fat diet I noticed how well I was on very little. Big portions and greed- one of my biggest downfalls.

So, I am back on it and have done two full days. It has been a bit like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers. I am back in the groove. I know my weak point- Friday nights.I pine for wine and a lovely meal out. A deeply ingrained anchor.

Read here for what I do to distract me when the time comes. Til then, wish me luck burning off the festive excess.


l'optimiste said...

excellent - thanks for explaining the diet. Good luck - I know it's hard. I lost 2 stone doing Slimmers World a few years back - tomorrow I am starting it again. I have been very 'self indulgent' and it has to stop! ;o)

One thing though - you do look fab right now. I don't know if I could eat no food - and certainly no wine would make me a bit bonkers! ;o)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

You look marvelous too !!
I've never heard of this particular diet but will ahve a little read on the Internet and see what it's guidelines are.
It has certainly worked for you, what a wonderful accomplishment...kudos !

Renie Burghardt said...

Lookin' good, Jo! And I do wish you luck with the rest of the diet.



Busy Bee Suz said...

I applaud you and your will for this.
I love how you get over the hunger, we are all just a bunch of gluttons...well, I am. I used to never have food issues...for years I was rail thin and was never hungry. Now, I must be missing something in my life, because I love good food too much.
Good luck Jo..and you look Marvelous!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

That sounds like it would suit me too. We have something similar here, Nutrisystem, but I can't afford the meals. They cost much more than I spend on my monthly food budget for my whole family!

I'm glad it works for you, hope the weight falls off quickly and with no adverse effects. Good luck!

Have a great week, and stay warm, Jo. :o)

Love and hugs,


Studentmum said...

Lighter Life does work, I've a couple of friends who used it. I would, if I didn't have to cook meals for 3 daughters. I don't want to send the wrong message and would rather they didn't develop the need to go on one of these diets, (they are athletic & very slim). Part of me envies your chance to use this diet, I could do with a kick start to lose around a stone and a half. I lost 3 stone with weight watchers about 3 yrs ago, regained half of it, and now am planning on going back to WW after I've finished this massive essay!

Good luck with your diet!

btw are you still doing your MA?

Expat mum said...

Blimey - I didn't see you this summer so it's well over a year. You look great. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Really glad to know it's feeling more like comfy slippers than work boots- encouraging for those of us who have never dieted and are going to have to start. I'm guessing your diet must be high protein if you're feeling so comfortably full... A real challenge for us vegans!

karen gerstenberger said...

I am so impressed with your resolve, and with your progress. It's so inspiring.
I've put on the holiday spread myself, and it's so discouraging. There are so many food issues in the Western world, especially for women; I like the fact that your plan gives you encouragement to look into those.
Been reading a nutritionist (Natalia Rose) who talks about how we over-feed ourselves. Her plan is pretty extreme (mostly raw and LOTS of juicing), but it does offer delicious food and some new perspective.
Here's to you and a happy new year!

Loopin said...

Fingers crossed that the rest of the weight you want to lose goes quietly. And hope the diet provides you with all the answers to your questions and helps you keep the weight you've lost and plan to lose off.

The best things are the energy you gain, and the feeling of achievement when you reach your goals. I hope you feel as well and energised this time around as you did before all the gallstone trouble flared up!

Your dedication and determination are inspiring - you go girl!

cheshire wife said...

It sounds like a good concept. Were there meant to be some links in this post?

Gill - That British Woman said...

send some of those dieting vibes over to me please.......

good luck,

Gill in Canada