Wednesday, 2 June 2010

High and Low Pressure

For those of you who have visited the English Lakes, it doesn't take me to tell you that we are rather blessed with amazing scenery. Walk around the corner, or drive around the next bend and your senses are assaulted by something fabulous and inspiring. It is no surprise that folk travel from far and wide just to soak in all the marvellous sights.
However, there are disadvantages to living in such a great place. The first one is tourists, but it goes with the territory of course. I am pretty sanguine about it at the moment, but ask me again in's not the people ( mostly), it's the cars and parking. Sigh.
The other disadvantage and 1000x worse than the tourists is the low pressure weather systems which come in and hang around. We have had a lot of low pressure here recently. Grey cloudy skies that feel if they are touching the top of your head, and a heavy soporific atmosphere which seems to encourage pro-crastination and irritability. It was a pretty rare situation when I lived on the North East coast- the sky always seems higher and more expansive, and the winds kept everything very fresh. But here sometimes..............inertia. It is unpleasant. It is a 'being surrounded by lakes and mountains' issue.... but....
It was very much like it yesterday............very wet. very dark, unpleasantly sticky and heavy. Everyone seemed to be moping about. AND THEN SUDDENLY- it lifted. At about eight pm. The sun came out, the skies lightened, the rain stopped and energy lifted.
So much so that other half and I decided to go out for a walk by the lake. We met some friends who have a cafe down there and they had suddenly decided ' to do some late evening jobs'. There they were with tool kits and drills happily doing bits and bobs. Families were milling around feeding ducks, tourists were out with cameras. It was busy. It was buzzing. On the way back we saw two more friends in their car with two cups of tea. They had put cling film over the top of the cups and had driven down to the lake to enjoy the view, rather than sit in front of the tv. We had such a laugh.
We got back in at half nine. It was spontaneous and fun. Unexpected after a draining energyless day.
And it looks like the high pressure is back again today. Better get going...........


Pamela said...

I'd still swap places with you. I love the Lakes and can't imagine how wonderful it must be to ramble whenever you please. My current City is flat as a pancake! I hope you get lots of sunshine today.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I imagine after days of the cloudiness and wet, you would be rejoicing a moment of sun.
Glad you were able to grab it when you can.
Take care, Suz

Expat mum said...

If I lived there I'd have a headache every day. We have had thunder all night and it's very "close" here today. Big headache.

Decadent Housewife said...

Sounds like you are having the same sort of weather we have been. Nice to enjoy those sunny spots.

Snowdrop said...

You are still oooh sooo lucky to live there.

Here in the Peak District we also seem to have cloud and rain when others have none. But I too am lucky living here.

Glad to hear you are well enough to appreciate the spell of nice weather you had.

And yes, you are right there is a bit of a mountain theme going on in my post. Its in my blood (never used to be though)


Irritatingly Optimistic said...

Bracing is the word I'd use for the North East!

I grew up in Lancashire, The Ribble Valley actually and remember it raining a lot. Then moved to the south coast, Hampshire, Cornwall, Dorset. (All so much more pleasant, weather wise) and then up to the North East.

I loved Dorset though. Would go back there anyday.

funny how the weather affects you so much though eh?yonsting

Polergirl said...

I was talking to Mr Man the other day about the oppressive draining energy that the grey low cloud can bring. But, being a man, he just didn't get it!

karen gerstenberger said...

We have a similar climate, due to mountains and a saltwater environment. Very gray, rainy, cloudy, "soporific," as you say!
But it cleared yesterday, and is sunny again now, just like your area. HOORAY for blue sky and sunshine! Those of us who have learned to live without them, appreciate them SO much.

I hope you are feeling better each day as you recover from the chemo.

Thank you for sharing your lovely evening's activities with us. It's those simple moments that contain the great joys of life.

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Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

Maggie May said...

You live in one of the most beautiful spots there is. I have spent many holidays near Ulverston, as a child as my relatives lived there.
Hope you are getting on OK.
maggie X

Nuts in May

Jess said...

Gorgeous....gorgeous...i'd love to visit you!