Friday, 8 August 2008

Back from Edinburgh

Back from Edinburgh tonight and relaxing before the big packing exercise ready for tomorrow. Where are we off to this time? Corbridge in Northumberland for a week in a self catering cottage. Corbridge is a great village. Lots to see and do, good shops and lots of places to eat.
This is our annual stay over in the North East while youngest goes to the Newcastle Falcons Rugby Camp for a week. He had been going for a few years now. Rugby has replaced football as the sport of preference. I would have preferred the relative safety of goal-keeping to the apparent danger of being a flanker. It all looks very dangerous to me. However, I am really impressed with the rugby community and how they treat their youngsters. Even the very well known players such as Jonny Wilkinson are down to earth and helpful to the youngsters. And yes- I have met the lovely Mr W and he is delightful!
Why Newcastle I hear you muse? That is where we come from- Geordieland. Howay the Lads. God's own country. And yes- teenager and I are dedicated Toon Army fans ( not mentioning that the other half supports Man Utd. Let's hear it for the prawn sandwiches!)

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