Thursday, 21 August 2008

Body piercing and tattoos?

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am middle aged, conservative and boring. It is finally over for me in terms of 21st century living. I perhaps would have been better in the times of Dickens. Despite my endeavours to have a trendy ( pink metallic) mobile phone, a lap top, wi-fi in the house ( now that is impressive) and even A BLOG, I realised today that it is no good. Imagine my shock when I discovered that here in beautiful Bowness we have a body piercing and tattoo salon ( advertised in the window with pretty blue neon lights). I nearly crashed the car. In Bowness! Whatever next?

My point is that there is clearly a market for such, and I am certainly not in it. I do indeed have pierced ears ( I had to wait til I was sixteen before dad was convinced) but have no courage to go any further ( nor indeed any inclination). I did not consider a tattoo ( even somewhere discreet and interesting) on my fortieth birthday, and really can't see the appeal or attraction of a rose or small dagger, my son's name or anything else needled onto my shoulder or ankle.

Fashionable I clearly am not. Having had tiny permanent tattoos all over my body last year as part of my radiotherapy episode ( tiny 'pen marks' to help the targetting process) I can't imagine WHY anyone would want to put themselves through such pain.

And I always do wonder: how will it all look when these painted and pinned folk are in their seventies? Maybe this is proof that I am finally past it.....

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steviewren said...

haha I so agree with you. None of this sort of embellishment is for me either. My wrinkled body doesn't need anything to draw extra attention. I will have to be satisfied with myself just as I am and so will everyone else.