Saturday, 16 August 2008

Newcastle Falcons

Have uploaded a cartoon on Jonny Wilkinson from a google image page. I saved it into my photos file and uploaded it onto the blog. I am not even sure if I am 'allowed' to do this- it is someone else's picture? Aggh! Visitors to this page: please advise!

Anyway, the reason I have added such is to add flavour to my next posting. Teenager has spent the week at the Newcastle Falcon's summer rugby and activity camp, and had a thoroughly great time. Much of the day seemed to be spent diving into huge muddy puddles ( as a reward for doing well on the activities and competitions apparently- clearly the coaches have no compassion for the parents who have to wash all the kit daily...).

As a dedicated NUFC supporter ( as is teenager) I never thought I would ever be remotely interested in rugby. However, mum is very keen and has slowly converted me across to the sport. Teenager has now abandoned goalkeeping as his passion ( all that investment in goalie coaching and endless football events...) and is totally keen on playing the game. Bruises, bashings, scratches and blood seem to be a badge of honour, and are clearly part of the enjoyment. As Oscar Wilde said:"Rugby is a good occasion for keeping thirty bullies far from the center of the city."

We went to see Steve Bates ( Falcons director of rugby) speak to the supporters' club ( yes I am a member) on Tuesday night. It was interesting to hear his perspectives on the next season. There was a whole heap of technical chat about rules, none of which I understood at all ( but teenager apparently followed quite happily). All I care about is watching the lovely players and their even lovelier legs whizzing about in the mud: vacuous perhaps but very honest.

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