Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The sun is out!

I have just been to Melrose in the Scottish Borders overnight and had a great trip. Stayed in a lovely hotel called the 'Town House'. I would recommend it : lovely comfortable room, lovely bistro, great Scottish breakfast. I love the Scottish Borders- it really is beautiful. When foreign tourists visit UK they tend to whizz up to Edinburgh if they are going to Scotland at all. I agree Edinburgh is wonderful city and there is lots to see, but the Scottish Borders are so pretty, and further north is spectacular ( and not over-crowded).

I was up there for some work and it looks as if I will be spending a bit more time up there in the autumn. No hardship and I get on really well with my customer who I have known a long time now. She is a bright and forward thinking person and clear about what she wants to achieve. That is such a relief in our business. We had a great evening with lots to talk about: a very motivating couple of days. I really love what I do: it is the travelling which is so exhausting. That is why my part time working life suits me so well. It helps me get that so frequently talked about 'work/life balance'. I think perhaps less about balance and more about being able to get round the spinning plates a little more easily!

I zipped into Lancaster to see my university friend. We went to a vegetarian place called the 'Whale tail' It is a great place: lovely food and good coffee. We are both really missing university and classes, going to the library and being part of the student population. We chatted about Richard Dawkins, essays and dissertations, and life in general over cauliflower and coco-nut soup ( wow- lovely!) and coffee cake. Its a hard life!

The sun is shining here. Hurray. The first thing I did on my return was put lots of things out in the garden for airing and drying. Open all the windows, look eagerly at the barbeque...will this dry spell last til the bank holiday weekend.....


steviewren said...

I was once one of those foreign tourists who on their way to Edinburgh stopped to see the delightful Melrose Abbey. I would love to go back one day because I wasn't there long enough.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Lancaster is another lovely place which is underestimated. A very good friend of mine did her PHD there. If I'm there again I will try your cafe suggestion.