Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Raining in the Lake District

I have nearly had fifty visits to my blog- hurray. I haven't really started to promote it yet as I haven't sussed out how it all works . Have looked at other blogs and I am starting to get an idea of how it all works. I am attracted to the ones which tell me about other parts of the world, and ones about the family life of other people.
My experienced blogger friend has suggested that I need a clearer focus, and this is good advice I think. For the moment I think I will concentrate on what it is like to be an 'offcomer' to the lake district. Like an insider guide ( I have lived here for about sixteen years) but not written by a true insider ( ie: a born and bred Cumbrian).
As you can see from the heading, the rain persists. I do feel sorry for all those people in tents, caravans and holiday cottages ( especially tents!!) who have chosen to have their holiday here.It is so beautiful here when it is dry ( and beautiful when wet but a lot more trying unless you are the undaunted and hardy fellwalking type).
So, later on, when I have finally done some work, I will endeavour to think about things to do with children when it rains in the lakes ( having a thirteen year old I have loads of experience of this one!). Or indeed, things to do without children in the lakes ( easy- head for the nearest nice pub....)


Expatmum said...

Come on - it wouldn't be the Lakes if there wasn't some precipitation!

steviewren said...

I visited Windermere and Grasmere once, an hour or two in Grasmere and not too long in Windermere. That is what I hate about being on a scheduled trip...not enough time to really see everything. I took one of my favorite photos at a cemetery in Grasmere. It rained all day.

I saw you visiting at Mod Girl's blog and thought I would dash across the pond and say hello.

steviewren said...

Hi again, I've been reading some older posts. And I'm back to answer a question. The way to get more traffic to your blog is by simply visiting other blogs and leaving comments regularly. Everyone that you visit may not respond in kind, but many will. That way you will make cyber friends.

Also I know some about Photoshop and may be able to help you some. I would love to see your photos, so you need to figure out how to upload them. Open them in Photoshop. Change the image size to 100 dpi, save as jpeg files. When you compose your post in blogger click on the photo icon, browse and find the picture you want, open it, etc. Voila, you will have added photos to your post. Easy peasy!

Hope to see you at my blog too.


tony said...

It simply has to rain in the Lake District - that's where there lakes come from.

I have a Lake District Blog too