Saturday, 27 December 2008

The fabulous Mr Jonny Wilkinson

You may have noticed that I haven't been on my blog since Christmas Eve. My laptop was attacked by a horrible parasite virus which kept telling me I had to pay $100 to solve it. This happened on Christmas day. Other half is still trying to sort it out for me.

Our desk top is in our guest room which was occupied..... I could have borrowed teenager's new laptop but he ( as you can imagine) was too busy with it. (He has now graciously offered it to me so I can do this entry). And...

...... we have been rather busy since I last posted. Other than a lovely Christmas day with wonderful food and wine, good fun and fab presents ( more about this later), we have been to two sporting fixtures.

On Boxing Day we went to see Wigan Athletic versus Newcastle United. We lost 2-1 but the atmosphere was good ( and at times extremely interesting...).

Today we went to see Newcastle Falcons versus Worcester Warriors. It was a 16-16 draw. Sigh.
We went corporate and had lunch there ( three course carvery and unlimited wine- lovely!). During lunch, guess who wandered in? See below...

I would walk a thousand miles to see that smile...

Jonny and teenager

Lakeland Jo with teenager. Can you see any likeness?
We had a great time. It was mum's Christmas present from other half and I and it was very jolly, especially with our lovely visitor. The match was very exciting- I wish we had won. Never mind- next time.
I hope everyone had lots of fun over Christmas. I hope I will be back on my own computer soon.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I am glad you had a lovely Christmas and a great day out.

I hope your dh gets your computer fixed soon.


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Great for you all. I am not a rugby fan but he looks a real nice bloke. (We couls all do what do you call it? famous people I have met or nearly met! Or for that matter famous people in or nearly in the family. Mike Brieley is a very very distance cousin of mine. And I once saw Princess Margaret in lincoln, at a distance!) Its good to still have heroes.When you lose the magic youve had it.

Anonymous said...

So awful about the virus, some are just nasty sending those out. Glad you had a lovely Christmas and fun time to. Hope the computer is ok soon fiona

Busy Bee Suz said...

glad all is well...well, except for the stinkin' virus. That stink.
Yes, you and son look JUST alike!!!
Happy New Year!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, hope your computer is now free of the nasty bug!

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, and that Jonny Wikinson has a fantastic smile indeed! :-) And what a nice picture of you and your handsome teeanger! Yes, there is a definate resemblance there!

Have a great week!


Lindsay said...

What is news about Jonny's knee? Is he coming back soon?

Love all rugby - we follow Gloucester - armchair viewing I am afraid via Sky!

Anonymous said...

Long-lost Jo, good to see you! (It feels like only days ago... oh wait...) So glad you had a good Christmas. Mine was uneventful and with my family, which was everything I'd hoped for.

When I come back we've got to see some rugby together! :) You and Mr Teenager look tired but happy. A pretty good holiday way to be, I'd say.

Lakeland Jo said...

Computer still not fixed at time of writing- sigh.

I love the famous people idea GOK- I will give that a go.

Jonny's knee- apparently all is going well. Apparently he had to have an operation to see if the original operation has been successful ( weird eh?). All is going according to plan apparently.

Anonymous: I can't get onto your blog to comment because it is saying my log in details are wrong. I can get through auto on my laptop when it is mended! Miss you loads, and sorry to hear trip home was a trial.

Lakeland Jo said...
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