Monday, 15 December 2008

You know it's nearly Christmas (in the Lakes) when....

Our Christmas tree. I love all the colours and it has lots of presents underneath.

Anyway- you know it's Christmas in the Lakes when:

  1. Lakeland Jo is seen dashing down the path first thing on a dark icey morning to give the bin men their festive beer.

  2. Lakeland Jo is leaving beer out on the doorstep for the milkman as well as empty milk bottles.

  3. Lakland Jo is listening intently for postman to give him his festive treat, only to find its a temporary helper and not the usual man.

  4. Lakeland Jo is missing M and S food ordering deadlines, and interflora deadlines.

  5. Lakeland Jo is buying a large bottle of Baileys.

  6. Windermere and Bowness are very very quiet- mainly locals in December.

  7. I am stocking up on M and S stuffings in the freezer- they are lovely!

  8. The heating is on all day if you are in the house

  9. The lights are on all day if you are in the house

  10. Lakeland Jo is seriously considering buying a light box to mitigate the impact of the interminable grey skies

  11. Christmas tree lights, lovely shop windows and candles burning at night are a welcome sight in the perpetual gloom.

  12. Teenager is eating his advent calendar over breakfast and counting down the days.

Now over to you, and thanks to Gill - That British Woman for the idea!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this. SO great to see what you are up to.
Seems like you might be responsible for all the bad livers in town too. :)
Take care.
I did not know you had the gloomy winter days there....that part is icky.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Jo,

Your Christmas tree is beautiful! Mine is tall but not as full branched as yours. Ice and gray skies around here. Got the light and the heat on all day, as I can't go anywhere. Bummer!

You still have milkmen who bring milk to your door? Wow, that's wonderful. We haven't had any of them in ages. I bet he appreciates the beer! LOL.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.


Janet said...

Fun post, Jo. Ah... I do miss having a milkman, there's no such animal here in the states. And I miss the post dropping through the letter box, our mail box is at the end of our road. And I really miss M & S food halls. Thanks for the memories.

Your tree looks lovely. We won't be getting ours until Friday.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Oh no I'm not tagged again am I! Only popped in to say your Christmas tree looks beautiful. Is my present under there as well?

A x

Gill - That British Woman said...

great post, love your tree very colourful.

I refused to buy my dd an advent calendar this year, as she eats all the chocolates in a couple of days!!! No self control, just like her mother!!


Anonymous said...

Dear me, you don't sound busy at all! ;) I can't imagine how you haven't had time for more coffees.

Your tree looks beautiful, and looks like the quiz night was great fun! I miss you already. tm

pamokc said...

Great post! Thanks for stopping by my page earlier. My husband has been in the US for 20 years now and still doesn't understand that you shouldn't be giving beer to city workers as a **festive treat**. :)