Sunday, 14 December 2008

Traditional Lakeland Farmhouse

Though you might like to see a traditional Lakeland Farm House which isn't far from us. It is where we got our Christmas tree, the place with the lovely reindeer.
The evil cold bug has now passed from me, to teenager and now to my mum. There is so much coughing and snorting going on in this community! At teenager's school carol service two children were sick ( made it interesting!) and you could hardly hear the carols for the deafening hacking and sneezing, and the sound of cough sweet wrappers rustling.
Ah- the spirit of Christmas. Paracetamol, Benylin and strepsils! Baah Humbug!


a pot, a thought & a smidgen of dirt said...

Sounds like my house this passed week!! Love the house, can I move in this week? hope you are feeling better and the rest of you fiona

Polergirl said...

Beautiful weather! Lovely crisp frost, perfect to wrap up warm and go for a walk in. Glad your feeling a bit better.

Maria Stepek Doherty said...

Mmm...looks idyllic, Jo. The farmhouse, not the epidemic!

We are all in various stages of being smitten by the bug. We had to postpone Jan's 18th birthday celebrations because we were all too ill for champagne and birthday cake, which shows just how desperate we really were, especially the birthday boy.
Never mind we will celebrate next weekend instead.

Lakeland Jo said...

sounds like a bit like other half's fortieth celebrations- cancelled due to bad weather.... we are celebrating in the spring instead...

Baby Favorite said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The area where you live looks just beautiful, and so Christmas-y!

We have a lot of sickness going around here, too. My son is really sick and I'm just bracing for the rest of us to catch it (potentially in time for Christmas--ack!). I sure hope you feel better soon.

Annette said...

Hi, thanks for your comments on my blog, always glad to meet another blogger.
You have a nice bright blog yourself.
I do not live in Oxford now I live in Worcestershire.
That picture is lovely, really christmassy.
Will keep in touch.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Traditional Lakeland Farmhouse.......freezing bloody cold in the winter..........

Although that one looks like a nice dad used to be an insurance agent and the stories he told about how some farmers lived........icky!!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jo,

That farm house is lovely, especially with all the snow around it.

My bug is almost gone, but I still have a bit of a cough, which acts up worse when I'm out somewhere, like this morning in church! UGH! And I am sorry your Mum's got the bug now as well. A bit harder on us older folks.

Wow, 14 followers already. Great going.

Holiday Hugs,


Janet said...

I'm sorry to hear that everyone is getting sick. Last year I started with the flu on Christmas Eve, here's hoping I don't have a repeat performance. :-(

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Beautiful farmhouse! Hope you and yours are all well very soon.

A x

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the warm and cozy looking.
It is the sick time of year...can't avoid it. Unless you stay in a cave, and alone...that would not be fun.