Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Thanks to my lovely friend Ellen for these photos ( taken by her son) of teenager's adventures doing the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. Look at that sky folks! They had a fabulous time. Walking from school to the campsite carrying everything,setting up the tents and cooking for themselves. The day after they walked back again. Map reading and organising themselves in teams.
Our wonderful Australian exchange student was invited along for the experience and also had a great time. He saw the English Lakes at its very best, including wonderful views of Lake Windermere.
A good time was had by all, blisters and all.
Teenager messes around at the campsite with his pals.

Teenager settles down for a good night's sleep ( or not as the case maybe). He is not a great fan of camping ( creature comforts and all that) but is prepared to do it for the greater good ( and the social opportunities!)


karen gerstenberger said...

Great experiences and good memories in the making...but I agree with Teenager: I'd rather sleep in my bed than on the ground. The hiking and cooking out are fine; it's the sleeping and toilet arrangements that I don't like!
(P.S. What does the Duke of E have to do with this activity?)

Loopin said...

Weather looks idyllic! Nice to know it's not just the South of England which was enjoying a fabulous swansong to summer last weekend!

Your teen looks as unconvinced about camping as I've ever been.

Looks like it was all great fun, though.

Lakeland Jo said...

Karen- he is the patron and sponsor and possibly came up with the idea in the first instance. Its very popular here now and well established

Nota Bene said...

My boy is doing DoE bronze at the moment- he loves it too. A real challenge to get themselves organised and I think it will really benefit them in later life

Suburbia said...

Wow! That looks fab, and weren't they lucky with the weather?!

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