Monday, 21 September 2009


Ever banged the wall with sheer frustration?
(No it's not a story about ringing a telephone company but it could be..............)
Anyway, there was I in our lovely offices today making great progress on a proposal I was writing. I felt really focussed and in the swing of things.
I started to notice a now familiar sensation in my chest, at the top of my stomach, creeping across my back.
A dull pain, starting to increase in intensity.
Suddenly the pain was searing, red hot poker contractions and sweeping nausea.
Nearly three hours after lunch, gall stone pain had started. I quickly took codeine to get on top of it, and before long, sickness gripped me.
An hour and a half later of pacing in the office and sweating, the pain starts to slowly wear off. I start feeling better.
I packed my brief case and got home. I felt euphoric. The pain had gone. And then the tablets started to take their toll. A dizzying tiredness -eyes that would not stay open. I slept for two hours. Just as well I managed to make the tea for the hungry boys before I hit the wall.
Other half came in and took over the evening shift while I snored on. And then- the eyes opened and it was after half seven. Dark. Homework in progress. Dishes cleared. Showers had.
Four hours after the pain started normal service is resumed. How much more disruption?
Infuriating and disheartening. Thanks to my wonderful mum when I rang her. Her voice calmed me down and cheered me up. She is so good at comforting and encouraging. No-one better.
Oh and by the way- the cause was hummus ( about a tablespoon), pitta bread ( dry) and a bit of salad. I thought I would be safe with that- obviously not.
So no more food for me tonight. Peppermint tea. Tomorrow I hope to start making progress on my proposal again. Sigh.


l'optimiste said...

oh that sounds horrible and crushing [quite apart from the pain]. Poor you. I didn't know that gall stone's did that! I have to find time and read the rest of your blog [I sort of came in recently and laughed my head off about your comments on shopping - I HATE shopping] and see why you haven't had 'em deleted.
I hope you feel better tomorrow.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Jo, this is terrible. I am happy you were able to ward off the immense pain with your pain meds, but yes, a big disruption.
Do you have a countdown going for your surgery????

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Who ever would have thought hummus could cause that much trouble! Peppermint tea is definitely the way to go.

Amy said...

hi ya Jo, thanks so much for your comment at my blog, much appreciated :-)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hope you can soon get this problem taken care of, it has been a nuisance to say the very least.
I'll be checking back, and wishing you well....

Fav.Aunt said...

A big price for a little spoonful of hummus but unfortunately it has oily sesame in it. Nothing like Pep tea and a comforting Mum! Coz sends love and sympathy from Krabi. Changed blog name and email.

Loopin said...

That op appointment cannot come too soon now! It's so debilitating living in constant fear of another episode of excruciating pain. And what a bore having to live on such a restricted diet because of the awful consequences of trying something different. I'm sure you long for the day you don't feel you play russian roulette every time you feel peckish!
Not surprised the best medicine is some wise words from mum. How do they do it?

Putz said...

i used to think the english lakes were just west of where tismegail lives, ya know just west of york about 70 miles, but i was told by tisme2 gail squared off that i was all wrong, so where exactly are the english lkes, whic i assume is the same as the lake's district....oh by the way i spent 6 years in birmingham...from utar in the states

Lakeland Jo said...

Hi Putz
Yes the English Lakes are the same as the Lake District. Sometimes known as Lakeland too. Confusing or what?

pam said...

Hi Jo! Haven't been over in a long long while (my apologies) and have just been reading about your gall stones and pain etc. Yikes, hospitals and everything?! Am so sorry for your troubles. I hope it is all resolved soon. Gallbladder removal over here is almost an outpatient thing now (so I hear), sounds like you will be READY.