Saturday, 19 September 2009

Opinions Saturday

I thought I might start a discussion post on Saturdays called 'opinions Saturday', where folk muse on a given topic or list and share their views.

So here goes with today's list- food items. My views are in brackets.

What do you think of?...............

NUTELLA ( yum-on toast)

BOVRIL ( yum - at a cold soccer match)

MACARONI CHEESE ( one of my all time favourite foods)


COFFEE ( Illy is my favourite brand and Starbucks is my favourite outlet)

EARL GREY TEA ( I can't bear it- not even the smell. I think its the bergamot oil)

RASPBERRIES ( my all time favourite fruit- what's yours?)

OYSTERS ( aphrodisiac or disappointing salty jelly event? I am always too scared to eat them in case they make me ill)

Over to you folks..........


l'optimiste said...

what fun!

BOVRIL - hmm, never tried it - Marmite for me
MACARONI CHEESE - YES! Orgasmic stuff - I have a photo of one on my blog :o)
CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE FLAVOUR - evil and should be banned
COFFEE - love it. constantly over indulge and give myself the jitters...favourite is a 'Pingo' in Portugal
EARL GREY TEA - I am sure this is medicine misnamed as tea. yuck. but not as horrid as green THAT'S the grossest ever
STRAWBERRIES - my all time favourite fruit
OYSTERS - scrumptious with lemon and tabasco...

jinksy said...

Bergamot is fine in a massage oil, but tea? YUK! Ditto orange flavour in anything except oranges... And as for oysters, I'm just glad I've never met one face to face! Do we have twinned taste buds?! :)

Sage said...

Try a Nutella and peanut butter sandwich... like eating a snickers bar... mmmm lovely but not very weight watchers lol
Bovril - I prefer marmite but hot cup of bovril is nice
Macaroni cheese - yep love it but don't have it often enough
Chocolate and Orange... heavenly combination
Coffee - love it
earl grey Tea - toss up whether this is worse or as bad as peppermint tea... urrrghhhhccchhh
Strawberries and raspberries mixed with a sauce of redcurrants... yummmmm
Oysters - not for me....

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have not had nutella yet.
bovril??? HUH???
Mac n cheese YES!!!
choc & orange, goes against my religion! :)
I drink any type of coffee, always at home. I have some fresh roasted from Kenya right now that is divine.
No tea.
Love raspberries...fresh is good.
oysters??? GAG!!

Loopin said...

As a kid I loved chocolate spread on toast, or even just freshly baked white bread. These days waaaaaay too sweet. Toast needs lemon curd or marmalade.
Bovril, marmite etc - vile stuff! As someone who has to be careful about salt intake it's a no-go.
Macaroni cheese - always disappointing. Cauliflower cheese on the other hand - yum.
One of my christmas faves always was a Terry's chocolate orange, and a box of orange matchmakers. Must be dark chocolate. These days it's Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate bar.
Coffee - we have Costa where I work, and it's fine, but if I'm honest, I'd always rather have tea (even Earl Grey, though it's not my favourite).
Raspberries are delicious - but not my favourite. I like white nectarines and peaches, and mango, and dark cherries.
Never eaten an oyster in my life. I like other seafood, but mostly it doesn't like me if consumed in large quantities.
I love almonds - eat tons of them, plain, roasted, salted, smoked, chillied.

Glad I'm not feeling hungry right now!

Expat mum said...

How on earth have we been friends for so long with all this between us?
Nutella - I can bear but don't buy.
Bovril - Yuck.
Mac N Cheese - only if it's the real thing and not the bright orange stuff you always get here.
Choc + Orange - Yum.
Coffee - usually too stong.
E Grey tea - every afternoon.
Fruit - almost every fruit is a fave.
Oysters - I think I just threw up in my mouth!

Daisy said...

Really good idea! Sorry I missed this at the weekend, hope it's ok to join in now!

Nutella - Love love love. Or as the French would say, j'adore!

Bovril - no!! liquid marmite is just not a good one. I do like Vegemite on toast though.

Macaroni cheese- love it when it's very cheesy, but there is always a risk of it being bland which is not so good.

Chocolate orange - it's not Terry's, or Dawn French's, it's mine!

Coffee- not a big fan, apart from very milky lattes with croissants. Italian coffee is my favourite.

Earl Grey - kind of love it,with lots of milk, but I heard it's not good to drink too much smoked tea, so don't have it very often.

All time favourite fruit: oh so many, but at the moment I'm obsessed with fresh figs!

Oysters - nope, just can't do it - too slimy and ALIVE!!

Lakeland Jo said...

pleased with all the responses to my first 'opinions Saturday'. Hope next week's is as good. I really enjoyed reading all your opinions.

Fav.Aunt said...

Lurve Oysters - Yes. Delish.The best. Nutella always reminds me of coz when young after sports match, bit too sweet for me. Bovril, well I prefer marmite, yum.
Mac Cheese yes, lovely comfort food. Choc and orange, yuk. Coffee I love but have to have decaff these days to avoid flushes. Mostly drink tea. Earl Grey is nice occasionally but not all the time. English apples in late September/October are my favourite followed by figs and then rasps.