Sunday, 13 September 2009

New Adventures

Hope you enjoy the pictures above of our lovely surroundings- and of Kirkby Lonsdale Rugby Club. Today we were at training with teenager: the season has started and they are in training for lots of matches coming up soon. This is a picture from last year, and this year they are all much bigger and wider. Teenager is about a foot taller- most of them are six foot or nearly six foot. It is like the land of the giants.
The weather, at long, long last is fabulous. Warm and balmy, not too hot, clear blue skies and increasingly autumnal colours. It is the best time of year in my opinion, followed closely by spring. There is an exciting feel in the air: I am feeling so much better, the rugby and football season are underway, I have a week in the office to make some really good progress on some exciting projects, mum and I are going to have a day out in the North East ( I have a couple of meetings but it is an excuse fo us to have lunch out, and a root around a few farm shops), other half is off to London on business, and we are preparing to have our Australian exchange student over for eight weeks ( remember teenager was in Melbourne earlier in the year). The spare room is all ready for him coming, and it looks beautiful.
We are off to Blackpool on Wednesday night to watch Newcastle United play away. It should be a good laugh. Other half is coming with us: he is a Man united supporter (boo.............) but wants to act as our security. On the way back we will go and have a look at the illuminations.


Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds like things are going a lot better; you sound much more relaxed. If you can enjoy teenager's training out in the squishy grass enogh to make literary jokes about it, you must be feeling better, touch wood. Glad to hear it.

jinksy said...

Seems you're going to be busy...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Land of the giants? funny.
Enjoy your weather and your family sports.
take care, suz

Renie Burghardt said...

Beautiful pictures, Jo! You do live in a lovely region. I am not familiar with rugby. Is it like our American football?

How nice it will be to have an exchange student guest from Australia!

I am glad you're doing much better!