Sunday, 26 October 2008

Croft Cottage- the hens!

Here is the first actual real photo from the Lakeland Jo camera- I am so excited about learning how to do it. That and links all in one day.............
Anyway, here are the hens at Croft Cottage, our lovely peaceful place of rest for the week. I recommend it- it's lovely! Edith the owner made us a home-made wheaten loaf for our arrival ( has lovely seeds on it and it's wonderful with honey). She also provided us with lots of milk, butter and teabags so we could make ourselves comfortable.
On Saturday night we popped out to our local inn Smuggler's Cove.
We had wonderful fish there- the fish is amazing over here as you may expect.

Today ( Sunday) we had a lazy start to the day- a long lie- in. It is very quiet here and that is a good thing as it's what we are used to. We had a drive along the whole of the Causeway Coast and drank in the scenery. We decided not to visit the big attractions around here today as it is Sunday and too busy. We did pop into Bushmills Distillery though and grabbed a few tipples. I bought a lovely jacket and will take a photo of it tomorrow.


Ladybird World Mum said...

Love your hens! We have 6 and they are just so gorgeous. Most impressed that you can put photos on your blog. This is still beyond me. Oh well, its early days still! Thanks for dropping by. Will look forward to more of your postings!

Renie Burghardt said...

I love your hens as well! And what a nice holiday you had. You have such interesting things here, so I am glad I found you. Thank you for visiting. I hope you visit again, and if you talk your Mum into blogging, that would be super!

Have a wonderful week.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I like the look of those cottages. Would you mind me asking how much they cost to rent? If you want leave me a comment on my blog, and I won't publish it.