Monday, 20 October 2008

weekend at the races, and a rugby tour

It is very windy and wild here today. My garden chairs are tangled and strewn across the garden. We are also getting intermittent heavy showers- the type that catch you out when you are buzzing here and there.

It is very beautiful though- the autumn leaves are a riot of colour and blowing all over the place. It is a lovely time of year here, and I think it is the best time for visitors.

Teenager is back from his two day rugby tour to Edinburgh. Other than a huge bruise on his leg he seems largely unscathed. They lost one match and won one so that's a good mix I suppose. As I said to him- it's all good learning, experience, practise and all that good stuff that mum's say.

They seemed to have a good time: two rugby matches, watching a live match, a visit to Pizza Hut, an evening at lazer quest, one night in the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh, a visit to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh ( some type of visitor/educational attraction apparently)... and back again. Phew!

Other half and I, and our friend M, went to the Kelso races. We stayed at Ednam House Hotel and had a wonderful room as a treat. Other half bought fab flowers and champers ( he is so in the good books at the moment). Dinner was great, racing was great fun. Other half did well, but our friend M and I did rather badly this time. We did't mind- it was a great day out and much fun was had by all.

Ednam is where other half and I had our honeymoon night, and we found our signatures in the ancient hotel register which is still on the counter. It was lovely and very romantic. We have been married fifteen years next May, and it only seems like yesterday.I can't believe it has taken us all this time to get back there. I won't leave it as long next time: it was very peaceful and comfortable.

Monday morning: teenager is fast asleep in bed ( on half term now), I am up doing rugby laundry ( of course) and blogging. Other half is working in West Brom. I think teenager and I will plan our packing for our holiday to Ireland ( starts Friday -hurray hurray) and I will pop down to university to agree my dissertation topic with my tutor ( more about that tomorrow!).


Clippy Mat said...

did you take a pic of your signature in the register? that would be a keeper.
it sounds lovely in your neck of the woods right now. i might pop in for a cuppa. i have a cousin who lives there too did i tell you? wouldn't it be funny if you knew each other?

Janet said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend. It's so nice to be pampered once in a while.