Friday, 17 October 2008

Getting and keeping the show on the road

It never fails to amaze me how much there is to do in the morning at home. Despite getting everything 'done' the night before ( washing/ tumble drying/dishwasher loaded/ clothes put away/school bags packed) it all starts again when the alarm clock goes off. Other than the usual household ablutions, and breakfasting rituals, there seems to be a lot going on.....

The washing and drying process starts again. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded. There are shopping lists to compile, logistics to be organised, beds to be made, school runs to complete. By the time it's eight fifteen I feel like I have put in a full shift! Anyone else the same?

I just haven't got what it takes to be a yummy mummy. I think teenager is a bit old anyway to 'need' one now, and it's just as well. I may dream of being hair straightened, perfumed, made up and relaxed in time for the school run but the reality is, it isn't going to happen.

Unless I can have a full staff ( including chef, cleaners, car valeter, hairdresser, maid, gardener) in the house, and the discipline to get up at 5am to see a personal trainer before the day starts, it will remain a fantasy!


Janet said...

Mornings used to be quite fraught in our house when I had a proper job, but not so these days.

Now I can sit and drink my cup of tea and do my crossword in relative peace. I only have to contend with the cats who, want to go out, want to come in, want something to eat, want to go out again. All at different times, of course.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I remember those days, it was a never ending will slow down and get better, eventually!!!

Gill in Canada

Clippy Mat said...

a full staff.
wouldn't that be great?
but i'd want them to do everything when i was sleeping so i wouldn't have to put up with them bustling around me while i was blogging, reading, puttering around or just doing sweet F.A.
if only

Lakeland Jo said...

You have a point there Clippy.
My ultimate fantasy is to have an overnight car valeter who comes and fills up the car with petrol, hoovers and washes it, checks oil and tyres, all ready for the morning. Heaven.