Sunday, 26 October 2008

Treated like a criminal - part two

Our easyjet flight was over an hour late. These things happen but the frustration was that there was no communication about why. We were called to go out to the plane, and were then left for twenty minutes at the bottom of the stairs waiting for....something. A lot of people rushing around with radios, but no announcements to the gathered passengers, some of whom were left on a staircase balancing small children, babies ( and of course all of that 'permitted' handluggage).

On arrival at Belfast we went to Europcar to collect our prepaid prebooked car. And.... wait for it... they wouldn't let other half drive the car... why?
Criminal record? Barred for reckless and wild driving? No- he has points for speeding on his license. Apparently- it's policy that three points or over and it's a no go. Despite a call to DVLA who said 'eh?' he was told no. So guess what? I am the only one insured to drive on the holiday...


Not something we can take a chance on. The consequences are too awful. Other half is furious and feels really bad. I asked where it was on the easyjet website or indeed the europcar website, and had a lot of muttering about terms and conditions, small print et al. IT SHOULD BE IN RED ON THE WEBSITE- IF YOU HAVE POINTS FOR SPEEDING YOU WILL BE REFUSED.

By the way- the points were put on the license recently when other half was taking teenager to rugby club early on Sunday morning. Done by a mobile van, doing 43 miles an hour in a forty limit. Fabulous!

I am surprised anyone is driving a hirecar anywhere. It is easier to get points than catching a cold. Other half and I do a huge amount of is almost impossible not to get caught somewhere somehow. Especially in the lakes. I have always had points... how fortunate that I am in an expired period. However hard I try, I usually get caught. There are so many changes as you drive along, thirty then forty then back to thirty then fifty,,,, AGGH!

Anyway, we found our car in the lot. It is a Vauxhall Vectra. Ghastly car. I won't go through the why's for fear of being branded a grumpy old woman...needless to say, it ain't a pleasure driving the thing.


Clippy Mat said...

and AMEN to part 2. you are singing from my hymn sheet. driving in the uk, is ridiculous. so many rules on the road and speed changes and speed bumps and traffic calming.......... what's all that about?
narrow roads,
ooh i just got up and i haven't finished me first cup of coffee and i'v already had two rants.
but, i hope you're enjoying your hols otherwise...?

Lakeland Jo said...

Am I enjoying the holiday? Wait for next installment.....