Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Giant's Causeway and a mountain goat

This is a picture my mum will feel slightly faint at when she sees it. I certainly did. This is teenager on the rocks, with a drop into the sea just behind him. He loved the Giant's Causeway. He was all over it like a mountain goat. I wanted to strap him in a pushchair like I used to, but at five foot eight I think I would have struggled. I just stayed cool, deciding that the more I fussed the more extreme he might become.

In fairness, he is pretty sensible and his dad was keeping a much closer eye ( and hand) than I was ( he is just outside the shot ready to grab as necessary).

I hope you are getting a sense of the searing cold! I think it would be lovely on a warmer day- lots of good walks around here and rock pools to poke around. I have never been the hardy 'outdoors in every weather' type (at forty four I know myself well enough to know it isn't going to happen now) so it will have to be warmer and less windy for me to venture further than I did.


Gill - That British Woman said...

We are twins!!! I only love the outdoors if its a nice day, not to hot, not too cold, not sunny and not wet.

Great photo, has it been cold all week?


Renie Burghardt said...

I have a fear of heights, and it makes me nervous just looking at him standing up there! I am sure it was exciting for the young "goat" though. But the scenery there is beautiful.

Have a wonderful day!


Clippy Mat said...

ugh, i hate the cold weather. and can i just say to that boy, "GET DOWN from there." he's making me nervous.