Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Help! Help!

Yesterday all my side bar bits and pieces vanished and have gone to the bottom of the page. But...when you click on links on my most recent post the whole thing comes back the way it was...i am so puzzled and not sure what I have done. I have contacted blogger, and put a post on the help group but they have signposted me to a lot of links I don't really understand.
Anyone out there work out what has happened? Also- how do I back up the blog?
As you can see- I am not making much technical progress with this stuff.


Amanda Han said...

Hi Jo,

it's all a bit of a puzzle to me too - mine vanished for a bit and then just came back!!!

Sorry I'm not techie enough to help - about al lI can do is load pics - I only manged to get my web site on here becuase of the info you gave me!!!


Clippy Mat said...

did you try clicking on the 'layout' tab? then you can click and drag your page elements to where they should be?
hope this works if you haven't already tried it.

Janet said...

I was going to say the same thing as clippy mat.

Lakeland Jo said...

Amanda was right in my case too. My format has suddenly come back- I may never know what the problem was, but fingers crossed- it seem to be ok again!