Monday, 6 October 2008

First day of term

This is Alexandra Square at Lancaster University. Term has started and the area that you see on the right is usually thronging with students. In this square there is a library, a Waterstone's, banks, Greggs, newsagents, careers offices, a florist.....
The whole campus holds about 20,000 students apparently, and it is really like a small town.
I would love to be more a part of the community, but as I found last year, that is pretty challenging with a family and a business.
I really love my time on site and treasure it. I love chatting to my fellow students over a coffee or having the luxury of peace and quiet with my books in the library ( and anyone who knew me from the ages of eleven to twenty one would be astonished to hear this especially my mum!). The classes are great. It makes me realise how scant my knowledge is and how piteously ignorant I am of world faiths, and of my own faith. Where to start!
I have done two essays so far: one on euthanasia ( under ethics) and one on complementary medicine ( under the title of ' the turn to mind, body and spirit'). My next class is called ' Women and Sexuality in the Christian Tradition'. Should be good! Not sure if I will do an essay on this one or not- I am going to miss a few classes sadly. This is because of the department's refusal to set a timetable earlier than the first day of term - infuriating! We all sit with our diaries planning in when we can do- by then my work schedule is booked in. Sigh.
Today we are doing our compulsory class on 'Religious studies'. What it is, how to study it and how to do a dissertation' type of stuff. Only 25,000 words on the latter...should be a breeze!

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Janet said...

It must be tough juggling a home, family, a business and an education. I don't know how you find the time for blogging as
well. :-)

It looks like a nice campus, and your course sounds pretty interesting too.

BTW, I don't know if I ever thanked you for the "Cranford" recommendation, we did watch it and loved it. Thanks much.