Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Teenager is now on holiday for Easter. He won't go back to school in England until the end of June. As some of you longstanding readers will know, he is off to Melbourne for ten weeks on school exchange.
I am managing my nerves admirably ( on the surface).
He is very excited and can't wait to start his new adventure.
We have brought him up to be confident, independent and travel loving.
Guess what- we got our wish!
So this weekend we are going over to see other half's folks in the North East. Teenager's au revoir tour perhaps before the summer. Teenager will see his cousins. Here is a picture of him with one of them last summer taken by my lovely sister in law D. As you can see they have very similiar colouring. They get on really well. If they are not wrestling, or playing with a ball, they are on the X box. Teenagers eh?
In true masochistic fashion, we are going to watch the Toon Army play Chelsea at St James' Park. We are going to pay to do this. Madness. It will be interesting to see the Chelsea players.... I will see them when I occasionally open my eyes during all the prayers....
Update tomorrow on tonight's official weigh in.... fingers crossed pleased.


Pear tree cottage! said...

Hello thank you for your visit a week back to my blog........I am thrilled you wrote a comment.

Your son is going to have a wonderful time here in Melbourn it is the best time to come on over Autumn is such a nice time with blue skys and sunshine and colder nights but not too cold.

I am sure the weeks will ruch past very quickly for you and him and being a young grandmother of almost ten if he needs help just let me know I will be down to melbourne in a flash!! but it truly is very safe here.

I love your blog and will keep in touch. best wishes Lee-ann

Busy Bee Suz said...

Cousin time is always the best!!! He will have a nice long trip...congrats on letting him go, I am sure that is not easy!!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Handsome, confident, fun...you did a great job raising this fine young man, Jo. I'm sure you're very proud of him.



Expat mum said...

Ooh I forgot about this. HOpe he has a fantastic time, as he will. Cor, it'll be a bit quiet chez vous won't it?

tmmb said...

Teenager is going to do great. Enjoy his time at home xx

Janet said...

I'm sure he'll have a blast, Jo. What a fantastic opportunity for him.