Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday and what's been going on?

Picture- Tim Visser. Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club ( one of my favourite players).

For those long standing and loyal readers, you will be interested ( probably not really) to hear that I am in Consett McDonalds. For some time this was my unofficial office in the North East. I don't come so often now because I don't have so much need for their free wireless connnection for the laptop.

Why is this? Firstly, because so many other venues now offer free WI- FI ( mainly service stations and some coffee shops). Secondly because I have two mobile internet sticks/ wands (what the hell do you call these things?). One with '3' and one with 02. They are much more cost effective than using hotel rates for internet use.

However. The technology is still in its infancy so it's very slow for downloading lots of big documents, and for internet use such as blogging. And, in our lovely cottage in Corbridge we can't get a good signal, and none at all this week. So here I am - in Consett McDonalds. Half seven in the morning, the sun is shining,the staff are cheerful, and I have a big cup of their remarkably good black coffee.

And the connection is quick, easy and free, and the venue is about twenty minutes drive from my first meeting.

Mum has come across to the cottage in Corbridge for two weeks. She is having a good long holiday this time, and my favourite aunt and uncle are coming over for the weekend to see her. I am here Sunday to Wednesday this week, and I am coming back next week Monday to Thursday. Works really well.

Had a fabulous day on Sunday. THE NEWCASTLE FALCONS WON AGAIN. We watched them beat Harlequins 24-16. That's six wins in a row. The players ( both teams) came and had their lunch with us afterwards ( we were on the corporate lunch option- there were lots and lots of us) and watched the England Match ( another success!). We then watched a few of the players in a band they have formed. It was a wonderful day. Pictures later in the week when I get back to my camera and downloading kit.
(Diet watchers- while all around me tucked into roast dinner, puddings and cheese washed down with endless wine, I had black coffee and sparkling water- how saintly is that??).

After a hectic day at work mum and I chilled out in the Metro Centre Marks and Spencer store. It opens til nine, is huge, has a coffee shop. Can't get better really. Bought new top ( success) but the swimming costume I bought didn't fit. Keep on with the calorie counting!! Mind you I am sitting here in a size eighteen Per Una top this morning and it looks great. What an achievement! Happy Lakeland Jo!

Weigh in on Thursday- will let you know!


Busy Bee Suz said...

You are lucky to have family to spend time with...that is always a good thing.
Take care-suz

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I enjoy reading, and try to visit often.
I have left you an award over at my place ;)

Expat mum said...

Keep gannin'.

Anonymous said...

You are an angel Jo! Dinners are the worst part. I'd rather not be there to be honest, but at least I can have something. Black coffee and water would kill me. However, the next top will be size 16 and it will all be worth it.

I had a blip yesterday, having been angelic myself for almost a week. Pop over to see what it was that attacked me.