Friday, 20 March 2009

In reverse

Spurred on by an excellent blood pressure reading and encouraging weigh in by the nurse ( confirmed by the Lighterlife weigh in tomorrow officially I hope), I decided that this beautiful spring day was a good time to start boosting my exercise.

So, after a good swim this morning, I finished the day by doing ten laps of our local running track. Other half came with me. I briskly walked eight and a half laps, and ran the rest. Ok I used the word ran.

It felt like running to me. But it is a slow jog almost in reverse. But I did a lap and a half. I am impressed with myself.

Olympics London 2012 here I come.


Tismee2 said...

I'm impressed! I don't like running, never have. I'll walk anywhere but run - never.

Hope you're as happy as me with your loss this week.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats to you....good job. I can hardly run at all. IT is painful on my joints, so jogging a bit is a marathon here too.
Every little bit helps. Good you got your hubby to get out there too!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Jo,

Wow, geat going! Keep it up. But don't overdo and get so skinny that you'll simply fly off to Oz with the slightest wind! lol.

You get a gold star for effort!

Spring hugs,


Nota Bene said...

Phew...I'm exhausted

Pam said...

Good on you! I read recently that we should do 100 steps/minute, so reverse jogging is more than acceptable! Good luck!

Lakeland Jo said...

Tismee. Running is a foreign country to me to. I wouldnt call what I do running. It is slow walking to the other half who is a strider!

Renie- sadly it isnt other half and I who are going to Oz- just our teenager!

Pam- I am not actually running backwards, its just that I am so slow it feels like it ( and I am sure looks like it!!)

Janet said...

Good for you, you'll be running marathons before long.